- HypnoPunk here and I want to talk about today something I got from someone I know. It's called horriblizing.

If you're like how I used to be or a lot of my clients, you think a lot but you don't feel nearly enough. And sometimes the things you need to feel are those emotions like sadness or hurt, the things that you've been pushing down and you've been using things to distract you. So I use this technique from someone that taught me.

It's called horriblizing. What you do is twice a day for five minutes, you set your phone and you put five minutes countdown. You allow yourself to feel shitty, to feel bad, that everything you've been pushing down, the feelings, the sensations, you allow yourself a full five minutes to feel them fully in your body, to have that sensation of that sadness, of that hurt, the anger, whatever it may be, that shame or that guilt and you allow yourself to feel it fully.

Then your body and your unconscious mind trusts that those two five minutes a day that you'll allow yourself to feel it strongly, so then you can take out the trash so it doesn't affect the rest of your day.

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