- HypnoPunk here. And today is all about comedy and laughing more in your life. In life, oftentimes, we take ourselves way too seriously.

So, I'm here in Boston outside of one of the frat houses of the National Lampoons, the famous comedy magazine from yesteryear, producer of such movies as National Lampoon's Vacation, some of the best comedy writers out there.

Where do you need to write more comedy into your life? Where do you need to stop taking yourself so seriously, and stop taking the world so seriously? And stop taking everything so damn personal and realize that we are on Earth and Earth is spinning around at millions of miles an hour.

As ambulances go by, but even as the ambulance goes by, you can still have a light life. You can still laugh. You can still have comedy. And have joy and heal yourself with laughter.

Always Believe,


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