Responsibility for Results

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Now, who is responsible for the results that you get? I think you probably know the answer for that from what I've already been saying in the other videos leading up to this and the other success mindsets. But one of the things that I get some of my students and past clients to do is to have a little experience. And it's actually an experience from hypnosis. And it's a technique that I'm gonna show you later on. And it's really good for self-hypnosis.

Now, a lot of people think that the hypnotist puts the client into trance, or the hypnotherapist makes the client go into trance. In actual fact, this absolutely isn't true. This little hypnosis that I'm gonna teach you a little bit now goes like this. The first thing I'd do is I'd ask you to just close your eyes. Now, who closes your eyes? Can I close your eyes for you? Well, of course, the answer to that question is no. I say, "Close your eyes," and you choose whether you do it or not. Then I'd say to you, "Relax the muscles around your eyes so much so that you just couldn't relax them any more."

Now, can I relax your eyes and eye muscles for you? Well, of course, I can't. Now, holding onto that relaxation around your eyes, try and open your eyes. Now, of course, if you've followed the instructions, and you've closed your eyes, and you've relaxed your muscles around your eyes so much so that you couldn't relax them anymore, and keeping hold of that level of relaxation and trying to open your eyes, then your eyes don't open. They stay closed. But what happened is your eyebrows go up and down. They bob up and down, which looks kind of funny. And it feels great. And that's the first indication of being in trance...not being able to open your eyes.

So the question is now, diid I put you into trance? Of course, the answer's no. What you did is, you followed my instructions, and you put yourself into trance. And that's one of the things you're gonna learn on a later video, that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, which is really great for doing some work, and on yourself, and relaxing and all those kind of things, which is really great. And the result that you got was your responsibility.

Now, let's think about that a little bit more. Who is responsible for the results that you get from our sessions together and watching these videos? Is it m, or is it you? Well, it's you, because I can't create your results for you. In our sessions together in these videos, I'm going to give you a set of instructions, a series of ideas on how you can change your mindset. Provided that you follow those instructions exactly, then you will create the kind of results that you want out of our sessions together and from watching these videos. And that will have absolutely nothing to do with me. You'll have to blame your success on yourself. I'm not there. I don't run your life for you. You do. I can only give you some distinctions to enable you to create more of what you want versus what you don't want.

So the responsibility for results in your life is down to you, which again is saying something very similar to the other three videos and success mindsets. It's the same as a cause-and-effect, results-versus-excuses, and perception-is-projection.

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