Throat Charka

Throat Charka

Hypnopunk here. And today I'm in front of this bad boy.

It is the throat chakra which resides here.

It's responsible for our communication.

And sometimes it gets closed down and I'll communication gets stifled.

Sometimes it's as simple as being a youngster being at school
putting your hand up to answer a question
and you get it wrong and you get filled with that shame of getting it wrong.

Sometimes you put your hand up in class
and you get it right yet some other children who have kids in your class will tease you about that.

You don't want that and sometimes these beliefs these behaviors.

They follow us in everyday life. Where in your life.

Are you stifled in communications? communication with yourself
with your unconscious mind with your higher self.

If you believe in such a thing in relationships with clients at work,
where are you stifle in yourself? And where do you need to open up that throat chakra.

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