How To Go From Victimization To Self Belief 1/2

So today's subject is actually twofold. It's victimization versus self-belief. We're gonna cover both of them today. And by we, I mean me. So everyone I've ever seen, every client, in almost 21 years now I've been a transformational agent, an agent of change, a hypnotist, if you will, they all had the same problem, whether it was to smoke or whether if the person wanted to lose weight and they couldn't, whether it was the addicts, the alcoholic, the drug addict, whether it was the person who was traumatized, person with PTSD. Whatever the problem that you throw at, they all did one thing, they victimized themselves. They either victimized themselves or they allowed other people to victimize them. And it always starts with yourself, you always victimize yourself before you ever allow anyone else to do it. So you're always the fault, by the way, so can't get off that.

What's victimization? It's the one thing that will weaken you, that will strip your value, strip your self-esteem down to its core. It's the one thing that will just devalue you in every conceivable level. What is victimization? As an example, "I'm a loser, it will never work, my life is so tough, I'm not enough, I didn't sign up for this, oh, help me, oh, somebody give me something, somebody fix me with the magic wand. The world is a horrible place and it just keeps treating me bad, men treat me bad, women treat me bad, my employers treat me bad, my employees treat me bad. Oh, food just jumps into my mouth and makes me fat, it's not my fault, it just is so delicious. I keep gambling away all money because I'm addicted to it. I've no responsibility." Shut up. You do have responsibility. Stop fucking victimizing yourself. It all starts between your ears. You did it, and now, you allow other people to do it. Stop it. It's the root. It's the evil of every single problem I've ever seen in every single client and myself, is the victimization.

It's a way to basically allow yourself to become a bitch, a bitch of your unconscious mind, a bitch of the world, where you get to be treated any way poorly that you want. You treat yourself like shit, you say you're shit, you say mean things to yourself. You're victimizing yourself. You allow other people to say, to do, to treat you in a certain way. You don't stand up to them because you can't even stand up to that big monster inside your head. You're allowing it, you're allowing the world. But more importantly, more disgustingly, you're allowing yourself to bully yourself, to victimize yourself.

So guess what? Man up or woman up and be the hero of your story. You see, in Hollywood, in all fictional writing, let's think of the hero's journey. And a hero's journey is every movie is based on this, from the "Seventh Samurai," to "Star Wars," to "Rocky," any movie. Whether it's action movie or a love story, whether it's a Disney movie, it doesn't matter, it's all built on the hero's story. And the hero's story goes a bit like this, and I'm gonna butcher it now, but you can get the informational line, it's the monolith for every story out there, pretty much. And it's, somebody start off with a goal in mind, and then life beats them down, beats them down, beats them down, beats them down, beats them down, and then suddenly, they get passionate. They get passionate. They are clear about what they do. They start to make a bit of a combat. They know what they do, and they know what they are really here to do in life. And then passionate is great, you know, and then suddenly, life beats them up again, beats them up again, beats them up again, beats them up again, beats them up again, brings them to their knees, beats them up, kicks them, punches them, beats them up, says bad things over, and over, and over, and over, and over again until it becomes unbearable.

Think of the movie, "Rocky," for prime example of this, where you're just kind of screaming, "When is this guy gonna get a break? When is this guy gonna stand up to those people being mean to him? When is this guy gonna get a break? When this guy gonna take an opportunity? When is this guy gonna turn something into an opportunity?" Until finally, finally, he does. And he's one-on-one with the heavy-weight champion, a mythical heavy-weight champion of the world, Apollo Creed. And they go back and forth, and the whole boxing match is...boxing fight is written like this. He's always beaten up, beaten up, beaten up, but then he makes a comeback, and he's beaten up some more, beaten up some more, beaten some more, and he comes back, comes back, comes back. And the story finishes happily ever after, even if it was a draw. These are the structure of every story in life, but we've got the hero's journey that's going on in each and every one of our lives. It's a monolith, if you will.

But some of us, we stay. We stay at that point where we stay victimized. We stay getting beaten up by the world, beaten by ourselves, becoming the bitch of the world, the bitch of ourselves to literally on our knees. And we never get to that point, that realization where we just stand up and say, "No more, I'm done, I quit, I'm finished, or I'm starting something new. Now is the day." And we follow through, and we start to build up, build up, climb that ladder, climb that ladder until we get to that success because there's always another thing that's gonna stop you, isn't it? "Oh, I wanna try to quit smoking, but, oh, well, I was addicted to it. Oh, I wanna try to lose weight, but, yes, this exercise is not for me. The food is just delicious. You know, I really tried to get over that trauma in my life, but I just realized I'm always gonna have this trauma in my life. There's nothing that could have been done." Stop fucking victimizing yourself. If you learn anything from any of my words, from anything that you do, you don't have to even spend any money on me, this podcast is free, or another self-help program, or even Oprah, God forbid, just stop fucking victimizing yourself.

Realizing you have every opportunity to make this work, to turn it around, stop dis-empowering yourself. Stop being your own bitch and stop allowing the world to treat you like a bitch. Whether you're a guy, whether you're a girl, stop it because guess what? You are always gonna find reasons and excuses of why you're trapped, of why you're stuck, of why A, B, or C didn't work, of why you're a loser, of why is everybody else is for, and that you haven't been giving the same opportunity as everyone else in life, that everyone should realize how amazing and how special you are even though you haven't demonstrated those skills. Just stop it. Stop the bullshit. Stop the victimization of yourself. Realizing the only way you feel shitty is because you allow yourself to feel shitty and you don't do anything to dig yourself out of that hole.

And, yeah, you may have triggers by events and past situations that happened in the world. I get that. We all have feelings. We all get our ego hurt a little bit. We get butthurt from time to time. But at some point, you got to be like, "Enough is enough. I'm sick of feeling this way. I'm sick of doing this behavior. I'm just done with it, I'm just fucking done. Give me a new set of problems. I'm done with this." And start standing up to yourself, stop victimizing yourself, stop dis-empowering yourself, stop yourself from doing it. And guess what? Almost like a mirror, almost automatically, the world will start to treat you better. The world will start to interact you on the level of which you interact with yourself at 3:00 in the morning when you can't sleep and there's no one else around other than you and that monkey on your back. The world will start to reflect back to you.

Will the world treat you perfectly? I'm not saying that. Life is a work in progress. You are gonna keep working on until the day that you die, but keep working on that. Unvictimize yourself, unstick yourself. The very purpose of this program is to become unstuck because every person I ever saw that had a problem, that came to me, myself included, is because, at some level, they were stuck. They didn't know how to take the next level, they didn't know, they weren't willing to let go of the past and embrace their future. They were not willing to do the work, to have the level of commitment to do the things that needed to be done, so you can have the life that you wanna lead. Guess what? You're gonna pay, and you're gonna have to pay by not fixing yourself, by not becoming unstuck. You're gonna pay with your emotions or with the quality of your life, your life, the rest of your life. Or you're gonna pay by doing some hard graph now, but putting your hands up when life has thrown those fists at you, by covering up, taking those blows and continuing to step forward, realizing you're on the hero's journey. You're gonna pay one way or another.

And as the great Eric Thomson will say, "You're already in pain, you're already crying, you may as well get a reward from your pain." You may as well get a reward from your crime. You're already hurt, you're already beaten up, stick with it, muscle [inaudible 00:10:00]. Get a reward from it because if you quit, you quit on yourself. You allow yourself to be victimized then you get in for a whole life full of suffering because you won't be at the level that you wish that you could be and have the emotional juice that you want in your life. No, I don't mean that kind of juice, you know what I mean.

Stay tuned next week for part 2.

Always Believe,
Toronto Hypnotist

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