5 Patterns That Keep People Stuck Part 3

5 Patterns That Keep People Stuck Part 3

Hey, but before I do that, I should probably

introduce myself right again. Luke Michael Howard

clinical hypnotist owner LukeNosis hypnosis.

Why should you listen to me? I've been doing

this hypnosis and healing thing for about 23

years now. All around the world. I work with

people that they believe that are unfixable.

I work with people that believe their problems are unsolvable.

I've worked for governments, I've worked for

celebrities, but I've also worked for a lot

of just normal folks in society that have run

out of hope. And they sometimes frame me as being

their last resort. I specialize in working

with really, really difficult clients. A few

years ago, the Hypno Pixie said to me. You know

what? It's an interesting thing I've noticed

about you. What I noticed is a lot of other hypnotists,

a lot of other trainers, they start referring

people to you. I'm like I didn't really realize,

but they don't refer run- of- the- mill clients

for want of a better word. They give you their

most difficult clients. And what I mean by difficult

client is, I mean I often get emails or calls

from either hypnotist or healers and they're

like Luke, I've got this heroin addict, don't

know how to help him. I've had this client, I've

been working with them for their trauma for

six months and have gone to six other hypnotists

before me. And they're not changing. They're not moving.

I've got this person who's been with me for weight

loss, weight release for so long, and I'm really

trying to help him. And they've done every diet

and every hypnotist and healer But nothing shifting.

Hey Luke, I've got this client here and they've

got a crystal meth addict and I'm scared shitless

to be working on that subject. Can you help them?

So I get get people like that, really resistant people.

And so this stuff is tested in fire. Should we

say I have a particular set of skills, skills

that make me a nightmare for my clients problems.

I say that to you, not impress you, but to impress upon you.

But one of the frames I go into all sessions.

With and this might hold you in good stead is

I need to be more powerful. I need to be more stronger

than whatever my client 's problem is. So no

matter how horrible their problem is, no matter

how traumatic, no matter how scary the problem

is, I have to have a state and emotional state,

a spiritual state, whatever that is to you,

a mental state of physical state that makes

me more empower, more empowered, but more powerful

than their problem. So that might be a first

little takeaway for you. No matter what the

problem is, it's OK. But you've gotta go in there

with that strength, that knowledge that you

are going to bring more energy, more power to this.

It's almost like the metaphor, right? You know,

and you've got 2 airplanes and they're flying

and someone hijacks an airplane. Oftentimes

when they send the military up, what do they

do to bring the plane down? They'll go above

the plane and start to bring it down. That's

the kind of way I look at sometimes clients with

big scary problems, right? Is here's the airplane

now if I try and help him to be here. They're going

to leave and say, you know what, nothing worked.

You didn't work like all the other people. It

didn't work if I come in equal to them. It's going

to be like this maybe 50% of the time I win, maybe

50% of the time they're problems win. But if

I can get above that plane, above that problem,

I could start to bring it down. So when they leave

they feel transformed.

I have two offices waste, have three offices,

one in Toronto, one in Ottawa and one in Las Vegas.

But now do everything on zoom. So all this stuff

I'm going to tell you now you can absolutely

do it on zoom.

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