Are You Renting Out Space In Your Head?

Are You Renting Out Space In Your Head?


Luke Michael Howard here AKA HypnoPunk with your Mindset Monday.

And today's edition is entitled.

Are you renting out space in your head?

I mean how many of us rent out space in our head we allow other

people to dictate how we feel on the inside.

Someone gives us a the cross-eyed, the boss eye,

a dirty look when we go out

or regurgitating are words from our parents

or lovers or friends or colleagues at work

and we replay those bad movies those bad soundtracks over and over and over again in your head.

Now. Why do you tolerate that? Why do any of us tolerate that it's a

bit like going into a bar if you think about

it and it's like paying a guy $20 to hit you

as hard as you can punch you in the side of the face know you wouldn't do that.

Would you you wouldn't go into a bar

and pay someone to punch you in the side of your face because it would be stupid.

It however when you go home when you get away from these people,

but you allow these negative people to affect you.

That's essentially what you're doing. You're in control.

You're always in control of your emotional states where you are

and what you do is your responsibility when you're out of that situation,

it's all about you and you have the ability at any moment to feel like shit just

be deemed was it demonetized by using swear words

or it is up to you want to feel amazing,

it's completely up to you. It's completely up to you!

If someone hands you a plate of shit and knocks on your door one day and they have a plate of shit.

It's up to you if you take that plate of shit,

or you can just slam that door and say no thank you.

You are hundred percent in control of how you feel at any time.

Now, there may be triggers. We all have triggers from different people.

They say if you want to do determine how spiritually evolved you are.

How well your personal development is

going go and spend a weekend with your parents

and we're just coming out of Christmas into the New Year.

I'm not sure if any of you have had the opportunity of doing that

but that's when the rubber really meets the road and you get to test this shit out.

So again in the same way that you wouldn't go into a

bar or a supermarket and pay someone 20 dollars to allow them to punch you in the face.

Don't leave a situation allowing them to metaphorically punch you in

the face with the words by replaying that same shit

over and over again,

press pause press delete!

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