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In the Breakthrough Experience, essentially what happens is that glass that you've been carrying around, that gets kind of filled in between psychotherapy sessions, in hypnosis essentially, by the singular effects, most of the time after a while, that glass stops getting filled by the free session. So, that's worked for you. But where the Breakthrough Session is a bit different is you come in with your glass or your bucket of negativity and toxicity that you've been carrying your whole life, and I smash that fucking glass. You smash that fucking glass. We smash that proverbial glass ceiling together, so it doesn't exist anymore.
So, when you leave my office, when you go back into the real world, if such a place exists, you can never see it the same way. It can never be the same way again because the glass ceiling has been shattered. That glass can never be filled again with that toxicity, that negativity, that limitation because there is no more glass. And because we're there, we're locked in that room, it sounds a bit ominous, but it's intense. But, like I said, my clients have an amazing experience there. And it's intense and it's not for the weak or uncommitted.

Because we're in that room for four hours, momentum starts to take over because there are no breaks. It's we just keep going off the one elimination. We delete one negative emotion. We delete another negative emotion, another negative emotion. Another limited decision. Another trauma. One after the other, after the other. And because we've got that momentum, we've got that synergy of working together in that room, that intensity. That we're pushing that boulder. We're pushing that snowball to top of the mountain. And because there are no breaks, momentum takes over. And it starts to get faster and faster and faster and faster to when we get to our number three. Beginning of our number four.
Right at a top where the critical mass, where the top of that mountain, that linchpin, so what we have to do, is let go of that snowball. Let go of that brick. Let go of that boulder. And it starts to roll down the other side of the hill, the mountain all by itself through the process of momentum, which can sometimes be stagnated in other ways of doing personal change work. And that is, oh, I think is the secret ingredient as to why this is so very, very powerful. And then people are like, ''Well, Luke, maybe that change doesn't last. Maybe they're just in a state in that room.''

My experience of working with people 22 years and following up with clients for up to 2 years after our work together, is when clients come in with the right commitment in their mind and they're ready to do that work in between their ears. They're willing to take responsibility, absolute 100% responsibility for their life and the decisions they've made, that new decision, that new way of life becomes permanosis. It becomes permanent. It becomes stuck in place, where the old limitation, negativity or trauma was, it becomes stuck in that place. Where you know that can do anything, that you can achieve anything.
It's essentially, if you will, if you imagine we're looking for that linchpin in your psychology or your physiology, that linchpin. So, when we pulled that linchpin out, not only do you stop smoking, lose weight, find your ideal partner. Stop traumatizing yourself. Stop biting your nails. Stop drinking too much alcohol. Stop doing too much drugs. Stop depressing in yourself. Stop anxiety in yourself. Because we can pull that linchpin down or we pull it out, that whole deep structure that created all these problems or branched off of, it starts to disappear as well. So, you can never attract those problems, those quality, those low level of problems, again in your life.

And essentially, you leave my office with that user manual in a video format. So, in the future, you have all the tools that you need to run your mind effectively, so you are in control of your destiny. That's the power of the Breakthrough Session. And that's why more and more of my work is becoming breakthroughs with people. Because I don't believe in just coming in, a smoker comes in, and they just want to quit smoking. Or the person who comes in is doing anxiety, just wants to stop being anxious. Or the person who has very, very ill health wants to leave and be neutral.

It's not enough for me anymore to help them take away their own problem. It's not enough for me anymore. It doesn't juice me. It doesn't motivate me enough. What motivates me is not only do we get rid of all that debris, all that crap, but we set up that compelling future. So, when you leave the office, it's not that, oh, you're not a smoker anymore. Or you're not going to make those emotional bad eating decisions. Or you're not going to reach for alcohol when you feel lonely. Or whatever the problem is.

Now you've got something in its place. The compelling future that worked like a propulsion system that both pushes you and pulls you to what you want in your life. That's why real change is. That's where real revolution happens. And that's why I'm so passionate about delivering this to people and why I think it's going to be how I do more and more of my work in the future.

So, I want you to something for me for a moment. I want you to imagine knowing that you can have what you want in your life. You can have the career you want. You can have the body you really want. You can have the relationships that you've only dreamed of. And the financial wealth that you desire. You can be free of ill health, weight issues. Emotional baggage, phobia, stresses, limiting thought patterns, behaviors, and negative perceptions. You know that any problem that you may have had in the past can be resolved in all areas of your life. And it can be changed by you. And you can change.

This is what happens in the Breakthrough Sessions and the Breakthrough Experience, should I say. It's a whole mind, body, and soul if such a thing exists. So, you can become free of anything that's been in your way from you reaching your true potential in your life, and achieving the kind of life of your dreams. And just knowing that you can make that happen. You can make that happen simply by becoming free and really pursue those true passions in life. That's the "why" behind a Breakthrough Session. The "what." Well, what is it? What's it made up of?

Well, you know, it's that, first of all, it's for somebody who's got multiple issues they want to work on. It's for somebody who wants to become unstuck in their life and have a revolution, have a transformation in a very intense, very, very powerful day-long process with me. It's supercharged. It's intense. It's completely all about you, with a laser light with my attention on you. Complete mind, body, and soul, if such a thing exists.

The transformation day. A way to truly experience is transformation when you come in. It doesn't have to take weeks, months, years, decades. It can happen in just a few hours.
Because I'm going to be teaching you as many powerful change and personal development tools and techniques that I've found in my last 22 years in this field. Whether that'd be hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Thought Field Therapy, Reiki, energy, psychology, Psy-TaP, you name it. And by the end of the day, you will leave transformed. And you will know that you are transformed because those problems won't exist anymore. And your future will be so much brighter.

And all of these breakthrough sessions are constructed 100% customized for you because everyone has their limitation that they come into. It has to be customized for you for us to work through these problems. To get to the linchpin or the root cause that's sitting in on top of that structure that's kept you stuck for so long. To remove it. To find it like that needle in a haystack. So, that whole hierarchy in your life changes by resolving any and all problems and working at a very, very deep identity level change with yourself.

And "how." "How does the Breakthrough Session work?" I hear you ask. Well, essentially a lot of my clients come to me and they've done a lot of work on themselves, but nothing's quite stuck long-term because it's all been theory-based. And it's all one and good reading personal development courses and stuff like this or going to group courses. But where a Breakthrough Session, a Personal Breakthrough Experience, if you will, is different is that book is one size fits all.

If you go to a group at a Tony Robbins, "Unleash the Power Within," you've got another, I don't know, 5 to 10,000 people in that room. Everyone is different. Nothing is personalized. This is personalized to you. To your deep level structure. To those deep problems that you've had. Those problems up until this point. Those things that are deeply embedded in your unconscious mind. All the problems that you're having, but you're not sure why you're having these problems. It's about really getting into your unconscious mind. Really get into that root cause.

Again, utilizing a lot of these tours that I picked up in my last 22 years as an agent of change. And really start to change those negative emotions. Changing those beliefs to be more constructive. Changing your memories, how you see things. And you might be like, ''Oh, my God, Luke, are you going to change my memories?'' What I mean by that is, again, what neuroscience tells us is a thing called Memory Reconsideration. And what that is, is every time you access a memory, you change it somewhat. So, if you had a memory 10 times, a hundred times, a thousand times, 10,000 times or 100,000 times, you get it, a million times, you're changing it in some form or fashion. It's not the same memory after the a hundred thousandth times you remember it as the first time.

In fact, using the word memory is incorrect. It would be more of a leave or vacation. Now, I'm not saying that the way that you remember things that might happen 10, 20 years ago, I'm not saying that it's completely different. It may be principal characters, may be the same way it kind of happened, this incident or the thing that you thought was an incident, may have happened in this particular area. But, in our neurology, the way we access memories is we change them every time.

So, knowing that your memories are not really what happened, we can change your interpretation of those memories. And this is all what your unconscious mind does. It's a part of you that is responsible for all of those. But it also runs the body at the same time. And when it's unlocked, it can help you rapidly start to change limit decisions, negative emotions, and patterns to give you all that self-esteem you need to get to that next level and really reach your full potential in your life.

Well, what if? I mean this is where the questions come in? What if now you knew that you can now create the life, your life exactly how you want it, that you can be free of any problem that you're experiencing? Any emotional baggage, mental limitations that you've been carrying around for years now. What if they could all be vanished, disappeared away, almost magically? And you're emotionally free. You are happy. You are healthier. You're empowered most of the time. And you're living the kind of life that you once only dreamed of.

You know what you want going forward. And you know that you can make it happen with 100% certainty. That you're now living the life that you want. You're happy where you're going. You're full of the energy and vitality and strength that you need. And everyone that loves and cares about you notices around you. And you're kind of like be having that ripple effect on the pool. You're being that change or the pond, should I say. You're being that change that you want to see in the world, to quote Gandhi.

Well, that's what a Breakthrough Session is. That's why It's different. It's not about coming in, ''Oh, I've got this one problem. I just want to leave this one problem.'' We still got a system for that. I can still help you with that. I'm still here for you for that. But when you want to make that deep identity change in your life and you want to do it now, you're done with theorizing. You've wasted enough time in the self-help books. And all else has failed up to this point. That's when you come in for a Breakthrough Session.

That's when we take that sledgehammer and we break through that glass ceiling together to get you up there. To ascend to your next level, so you have the kind of life that you dreamed of. That's the kind of business I'm in. The business of rapid, intense, long-lasting change. Not to the point where it's just one area of my life, that one problem, that one habit, that one behavior's gone. That's fine. I can still help you with that, but for me now that's not enough. I want people to come in and want them to leave transformed on a deep identity level. Hence, why I introduce you to the Breakthrough Experience.

It's not a session. It's an experience. Session is, ''Oh, I come in for an hour and I leave.'' No, it's about an experience. It's like going to Disney World. It's like seeing a 3D IMAX movie where the seats are moving and you're emotionally caught up in that movie and you're feeling it. You're experiencing stuff. You're not just living in your head. You're feeling it throughout your whole body. You're starring in your own movie. Because that's, in my experience, how people make deep identity level changes, long-lasting changes.

It's fully associated into the life, the good stuff and the bad stuff. And they're fully embraced to live full out. That's what we do in the Breakthrough Session. You will not be the same person when you leave. Everything that you loved about yourself, will be intact. Probably be even better. But everything that held you back, all those shackles, all those chains, would have vanished. It's a bit like at the end of that movie or it's actually midway through the movie, The Matrix, you know, that's one of my favorite movies. You take the red pill and you go down the rabbit hole, to see just how far you can go and what's possible. That my friends, is the Breakthrough Experience in a nutshell.

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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard CHT
Clinical Hypnotist

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