Embrace Your Darkness With Self Honest Acceptance

Embrace Your Darkness With Self Honest Acceptance


We're at the beach. You know what that means. See, here's the interesting thing. Not everything that is dark is bad. Not all of our darkness is bad.

I'm on this beach, and as you can see, the sand is a different color than perhaps you expected. Perhaps you expected a kind of golden brown sand. But it's a very different beach.

This is a beach where the sand around me is ash from a volcano. So it looks different. It looks dark. It's almost as if I'm on the moon. And inherently in society, inherently in our mind, we're told that every bad thought, every negative emotion, every limited decision, everything we don't like ourselves to keep it bottled inside, like those little bottles that would keep the sand when you go on vacation, you get those little trinkets. But here's the thing.

You can resist all the darkness you want, as I can resist this beach and the darkness. All that I want, and guess what? It ain't going away anywhere quick. But if you can embrace it, you can grab both your hands, and you can reach inside of your darkness, and you can embrace it, and you can just stay with it, you can just hold it, you can just be in the moment with your darkness, then in time, it can start to fade away, drop away, become integrated, so you become a more actualized individual.

Always Believe,
Luke xXx


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