How To Exit The Matrix 2/2

What would your life be like? What would your life be like if you lived outside the matrix? Well, it would be extraordinary. You know, you'd wake up in the morning, no emotional rollercoaster anymore. You have no and negative emotions any longer. It's so freeing. It's so peaceful. And you can create anything you want. Nothing affects you ever again. It's awesome. No more emotional rollercoasters. You don't have negative emotions anymore, period. Those are just a by-product for the matrix. You understand it. You control how you feel all times. You have to remember that in the matrix everything you feel, you're told to feel. So anything you think is real is not real. You've learned it. You've acquired it. And when you realize that monogamy, for example, is just the concept, again, you've been told that by other people who have a lot to lose. If you realize that it's all just a fantasy, that the matrix is a fantasy, they will hold too for now, telling you, "You know, this is the way it is, and this is the way you should do things." Well, when you're on that level, you don't care. You don't care about what these people think anymore. You don't care about what you get or what you don't get. It doesn't exist anymore for you. You wouldn't have those emotions, that rollercoaster. You wouldn't care at all. In fact, this is a very high level. You realize that people should be with whoever they want to be with whenever they want to be with them, so no more boundaries and so no more bullshit when it comes to things like that. You can have whatever you're willing to give up wanting.

So in the past, in the matrix, let's say you have a girlfriend and whatever, and you catch her cheating on you. The only reason that you wrapped and feel pain and you feel betrayed is that you've been told to feel that way. None of this is real. What life do you want? Do you want a life based on suffering and fear and attachment and drama and negativity, controlled boundaries, or do you wanna live a life of free peacefulness, happiness, and extraordinary life? If that's what you want, then you can live that. Most decisions people make are based on illusion, which is why they wake up one day and they feel unhappy. You know, I've told you before, you can choose to be happy, you can choose to be free, but you're not told that. You're told that when you have these 19 other things, you can be happy and you can be free. If you choose to be happy and give up those 19 things, then your life is free. You can have whatever you're willing to give up wanting.

Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world, be it." Almost everything that's happening today in the world is caused by social programming. What we're doing now, what I'm doing with this podcast for you here is more than movement. It is something that can change your future. It will change the future, but you have to grasp onto it, and you have to be it and have to live it and be committed to it. You can have whatever you're willing to give up wanting.

I don't think everybody is getting divorced because things like they say, "Oh, well, I'm just unwilling to do the work." Why should it be work? Why should it be work? You should be going into relationships with someone so they can be more of who they already are and not someone that you're trying to fix or change, possess or control, be attached to, set boundaries for them. You're in a relationship so you can be more of who you are and allow them to be more of who they are. Anything covered in that is just a construct of the matrix. It's all social programming meant to keep you deeper into the matrix, which doesn't work. Ultimately, if you're willing to live on the next level, you just gotta stop caring. You just gotta stop caring and just let stuff happen. If you're in the matrix, it's a very low level of being in existence, is when most people are miserable, is when most people are stuck in the world not having what they want, what they need.

Once you give up fear and you give up attachment to everything and you give up the illusion of the matrix, you'll be on a next level. And you can be with someone who's there as well because neither of you care and neither of you care that you don't care, not caring that you don't care, being attached to...sorry, being unattached to being unattached. It's a fascinating level. Then you wouldn't even care. This conversation won't come up with people anymore. It wouldn't be an issue because you'd be completely free to live the life that you want and allow the other people around you, significant others to live the life that they want as well. You're not trying to possess them, control them, not attach to losing them. You don't even feel loss anymore. You let that person be who they already are. And more of it, you let them do whatever they want to do no matter what it is because you're free. And if you're unattached, none of this matters. It doesn't matter if you're single and hooking up or not hooking up. None of it matters to you because ultimately, you live outside the matrix. You no longer require sex, companionship, love, or anything else that's required in the matrix. You only require what sustains life, period. That's it. That's a scary concept for most people because you've been taught that you need all those things. When, in fact, you don't need any of them. You just don't need it. You don't. You simply don't, but then people come up with comments like, "Oh, well, you don't wanna end up alone blah, blah, blah." It's just people in the matrix. You have to understand it and be okay with it. People are gonna say that because they're attached. They fear. That's their fear, their attachment, fear of being alone, fear of not being good enough, fear of not being in a relationship, fear of doing something that's unlike what other peoples do.

The moment you give up fear to attachment, give up the illusion of the matrix, give up caring about what people think of you, really giving up, then you'll be at the next level, and you will be in the light. You can have whatever you're willing to give up wanting. If you're committed to being carefree, you won't care. There's nothing to miss out on. This is just the matrix speak, and it's just what everyone wants you to believe, "Oh, there's something you're missing out there. You should stay attached." A lot of people step back from greatness. They step back from the next level because in truth, people are terrified of being free. Everyone wants to be pulled back into the matrix. You are in a moment of greatness. Step forward. Take a step forward. You can experience love or passion, but they will be just without attachment. The only thing you need to be connected with is the universe. You need to be connected with freedom. You've been taught that you should want the physical and spiritual intimacy with a man or woman, feel like those are butterflies in your stomach and be in love. That sentence right there is responsible for most people being incredibly unhappy. That sentence is all about need, want, need and nothing about having. This butterfly thing has just been sold to you and crammed down your throat like it has everyone else. So step forward.

When you step forward and you let go, you'll look back and you'll laugh about the fact that you attach to any of this. I'm just saying that whatever it is that you end up doing, just think. Whenever you decide to step forward or you can stay in the matrix, just think before you do. Just think, "Are you out there? Are you thinking for yourself or is it someone else's fault?" Are they your beliefs or are they someone else's beliefs? Just think. I could be. I can be and have the ability to be somebody who's self-developed. And it's not because I need something. It's not because I desire this, because I have everything I desire. I don't even need desire. I'm connected to the universe. I'm already connected. I'm physically and it's spiritually intimate with myself. I don't need that from anyone else.

When you stop needing stuff from other people, you start to live an extraordinary life. And a lot of things that you care about now, a lot of the things that consume you right now will no longer consume you when you and you no longer care about. So if you were sitting down and wonder, "Wow, if it's so easy to be carefree, this is how people should really be living in this freedom." Then why don't most people do it? Because 99.99% of your day has been're being given the opposite information to keep you locked in the matrix. You can have whatever you're willing to give up wanting. If you stop focusing on wanting and start focusing on having, then you'll actually have it. When you just make the statement I have and then just let go of everything else, you will actually have it. You can have whatever you're willing to give up.

Be okay with being bored in this moment. And the moment you're okay with that, stuff will start happening. When you live outside the matrix and you know how the matrix works, you can sit back, and you already know what's gonna happen. It's almost like having a crystal ball, like that scene in the matrix where everything slows down and Neo just sees everything for what it is. And you'll know how almost every single conversation is gonna end, how every night will end, everything. Just keep telling yourself that hooking up means nothing, sex means nothing, money means nothing. That new car means nothing. None of it means anything. It's all meaningless. Just tell yourself that over and over again. It's a great exercise. The same way you cultivate carefreeness or indifference, it's this exercise. So your reaction in a moment. When you hear about it and you hear yourself, you hear about someone doing really, really well, and you're like, "Oh, God," that old voice. "That person is doing really, really well. Oh, my God, that means I'm doing shit. Oh, God, I feel worthless." Instead of doing that, just be like, "I'm excited for them, good to them. I'm glad they're doing well, awesome, great to hear," because that gives you permission to be great as well. And just keep telling yourself that this means something...excuse me, this means nothing. This means nothing and that means nothing rather than it means something and this is what it means. And you make some pickup. That is somebody you've heard out loud or somebody you've said before over and over again. This is the only reason that you believe these things.

Everything in your life is perfect, cool, and courageous. On the rare occasions that things turn out different than the way you want them, you're fine with that. Just keep telling yourself that over and over again. I use that to go to the next level. And if you in a moment you make a mistake, you train yourself to say, "Awesome, just another opportunity to take my life to the next level. So I am and I do. That is a killer thing to do in the moment. Seriously, I do this all the time. That's why I live in total freedom. My house is quiet. I lie on the couch. I do what I want when I want with whomever I want. I travel the world, do whatever I want to do in my life. It wasn't always that way, but now my life is becoming even more extraordinary. Now, why am I saying, "Oh, my God, this much could I take all of this freedom?" Well, listen, we build structures based on complications. You can see this. You can build a whole industry on complications. Economics is complicated.

Now what we're...what we're going to need, you know, terms of professors and tenures and who create these papers and teach research and need research grants that keep it complicated, and there are no breakthroughs. Same way with socializing, dating, relationships, health, business, all this kind of stuff. There's a lot at stake at keeping it complicated for you, keeping you attached to a certain vision of it because you wouldn't wanna upset the status quo. I mean, if you would upset the status quo, what would happen? All these industries that are built around attachment, around your current way of thinking, the current brainwashing practices that come from these places just...once you've got through that, if the opportunity was there to keep it simple, it would simply just disappear and you see it for the illusion that it wants and that it is. And if you do this, if you keep it simple, if you keep reframing it, this mean nothing, this means nothing, this means nothing, reframe every part of your life, then you wouldn't waste a single moment because it makes everything easier. You'd realize that everything is in your head and your life would be extraordinary and it is extraordinary. Keep everything simple. And if you do that, if you practice that every day, it will be a habit. It will be effortless and it will be simple and it will be effortless and simple because you tell yourself, it's effortless and simple.

If your goal is to survive, you will. So choose instead to thrive and you will. It will take the same amount of energy but the results are miles apart. So it's all really about reframing your beliefs. So if your story is, "Well, I'm just trying to survive right now and that's all I'm focused on, survival, financially, in relationships, in my health and every other way," then that's exactly what the world...what the universe will give you in return because you're just surviving and that's all you want. And if you switch out the word surviving, instead you said, "I'm focused on thriving right now," then that's what the universe will give you. See, it's just a quick reframe. Understand and remember the concept of creating. You're creating every single moment, the emotional state that you're in. The moment you're thinking, the moment you're creating, write it down. Relive it in your head. Tell it to another person, cementing it in your head what you want exactly, feeling how or be like because when you get into this habit of developing this story, seeing your energy and vibe change, and more importantly, allowing it to change, realizing that you are the source and take full 100% responsibility, avoid blaming other people. Take responsibility. Focus on changing yourself at the source.

Your vibe is directly connected to how you think and what you're thinking. Think about what you're thinking about because most people could tell. So when you're out and you're interacting with people, they immediately get a vibe from you. Where it's on a business call, a business meeting, they immediately get a feel from you, which you convey certain things about speaking. And they'll treat you based on what your vibe is. You are always creating period with every word you speak and every thought that you think. You're always creating. So make sure you're creating things the right way for you. Use only positive words, less stuff like, "I'm keeping myself on track. I'm constantly reframing. "I'm aware and I'm thinking about how I'm speaking. And I'm thinking about what I'm thinking about and it's always positive." Always reframe. Always keep changing that story. Stop listening to people in the matrix.

Being something is never hard because it's who you are. The only hard thing is doing things that you're not, pretending, acting, trying to be someone that you're not. This is what I'm talking about. You've been taught to be obsessed by something to go after it. You need it. You should act like you need it more than life itself because all these athletes and celebrities tell you, musicians, that it's all I ever wanted to do was to be a musician, to be an actor, to be an athlete. I eat it and I breathe it and so on. Well, when you're eating it, when you're breathing it, what they're actually telling themselves is they're visualizing it. They're seeing it, they're feeling it, and they're taking steps inside their mind and then throughout the body because we know the world is created in two places, first your mind and then their body to make it more real. So what I'm saying is give up the dream of being a touring musician, a professional athlete, an actor. And be a touring musician, and be an actor, and be a professional athlete. Do all the things that these people would do every day. You need to act as if you're already living it. I'm happy I'm doing this, but I would be happy if I was doing something else as well just as happy, happier probably. So that's how I think about things. Therefore, what makes you do things is who you are, being that person because being not attached to it, you don't have to find your validation from success in these areas. You find your validation from yourself and by being who you are, enjoying it and loving it. You may get some level of validation from doing these things but realize it does not validate you as an individual. You are validated. You validate yourself, you're self-validated.

You can eat your cake and have it, too. Yes, I did say that, right. That's the original way of saying that quote. Realize that you're a validated person and you're not seeking validation from someone else. If you challenge yourself daily to live outside your comfort zone and you do it consistently, you'll end up being comfortable, being uncomfortable. And if you do it every single day without fail, especially on the days that you don't want to, push through on those days, challenge yourself to find that moment when you're most vulnerable where you could fail big, where you could quit, or whatever and then just go through it. Go through it. Take the next step. I do the same thing. I sit in this comfy chair and I try to figure out every day how to take my life to the next level, how I could do something to get out of my comfort zone, something I could really fail at. And what I've done is I've done something that's uncomfortable, but I've done it so long now that it becomes uncomfortable. And if you really think about it, the only people who are free are the people that live outside the comfort zone, live outside the matrix because all the comfort zone, all the matrix is, is the comfort zone. You can stay there and be comfortable most of your life, but you will not grow. You will not grow, and you'll look back at your life and be like, all those failed opportunities of things that you could have grasped life by but you failed to do it because you stayed in your comfort zone, you stayed in the matrix, really the comfort zone, which is really the matrix. It's just a wolf in sheep's clothing. So I hope you got something from that today, guys.

As a complement, an accoutrement if you will to today's podcast, I might recommend that you listen to the podcast entitled, "My Story" or "How to Write Your Story." I believe it's podcast number six on the "Unstuck" network. And that will be a perfect thing to listen to accomplement if that's even a word to go along a nice companion with what we've gone today and what we've chatted about today to help you to become unstuck in your life and take your life to the next level to write a different story. And actually the Story podcast is podcast number eight if you'd like to listen to it, to construct it to help your mind get on the right channel, on the right track, so to speak. So you might wanna listen to this a couple of times because sometimes I get very passionate in these podcasts and I talk and sometimes these words get a little jumbled up. And I remember, I used to be nervous about it. "I did not speak perfectly when I gave that speech today. Oh, my God, I'm a complete failure. I'm a complete mess." And I remember hearing a quote from Tony Robbins and the quote was, "Hey, I talk. I love to talk and sometimes all my words are not perfect. Sometimes I'm so passionate that I run over my words. They seem a bit garbled, but really it's about the passion you get from it." And Tony Robbins went on to become and still is the most successful public speaker, motivational guru of all time.

If I worried about making these things perfect for you guys, I'd never record a podcast. I'd still be sitting at home thinking about it, wanting to do it, willing it but never actually doing it, getting caught in analysis of paralysis. Instead I have a thought, I have a concept, and I just pull it out there raw to you.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard CHT
Clinical Hypnotist

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