How To Exit The Matrix 1/2

"The Matrix," one of my favorite movies, one of my favorite concepts. In fact, at some point, I will put together a workshop on how to exit the matrix, but this will be a perfect introduction to what is Matrix?

Well, I don't know how many of you seen that movie from '99 or 2000 with Keanu Reeves. The Matrix is essentially based some part, Descartes' work, who was a famous French philosopher back in, I want to say the 1800s, and he was...His philosophy was that we can't prove that anything actually exists at all. The only thing that can be proven is on some level we're conscious, we're conscious, we're conscious that there's something. We're conscious of something. Now, whether that be, physical body, whether that be, a place called the world or the universe that we're in, we're not sure, but we're just conscious on some level that we exist. Now, we could be the human body inhabiting this bag of skin that we float around this world in or we could just be a brain plugged into a V.A.C [SP] somewhere on a spaceship. Nothing, can be proven about that we exist.

And all consciousness really is, is a collective agreement as to what is true because pretty much nothing's true. And if you would put most of your beliefs up into a court of law, pretty much they could all be disproved. So how does that help us? Well, oftentimes, we get stuck and we get stuck in our own problems. We get stuck in the world. We get stuck in politics. We get stuck in our own heads. And the interesting thing to realize is probably none of this is real. Now, well the things I refer to as the matrix are all the bullshit things that pull you off, of course, that pull you off of your center from going in the direction that you want to go in, all the minutiae, all the nonsense, all the obstacles, all the sheeple talking, mass media brainwashing us or TVs, Facebook, getting us to believe and act in a certain way that fits their agenda. All of this is the matrix, everything that's wrong in the world, everything that's an illusion in the world is the matrix. It's all the matrix, what I refer to as the matrix.
And today's talk and today's podcast is all about seeing through that psychological illusion, seeing through the matrix, seeing it for what it is. Because in the movie, "The Matrix," Neo, the protagonist of the movie, he's living a life as I believe as a computer programmer. And in someday, sometime, he falls into this world and he's mentored by somebody called Morpheus. Morpheus is this person who sees the world for what it is and what it isn't, more importantly that it's all a mass hallucination going on. And in reality, we all think we're part of this world, beautiful or ugly, however you choose to see it. But in reality, we're all in a spaceship, someone this dark, gloomy place, but we're just getting all this stuff pumped into us to make us see the world in a certain way, so we give money, we give time, we give energy, and we don't rise up and challenge the things that need to be challenged and grab life by the balls, so to speak. I think a lot of things are responsible for that. I think we're ultimately responsible. We can't just blame our ignorance on, "Well, I just thought the world is the way it is because I watch the news and think the world is that way because the people in the news are telling me." And, "Oh, I believe this because somebody said this on Facebook. Actually, 10 people said this on Facebook, so it must be true." Certain concepts in life where it might be, it might be good to believe that they're true, like gravity, like I wouldn't suggest you jump off your balcony yourself to necessarily trust if such a thing called gravity exists. That would be an extreme way, and I would certainly not recommend that.

But the way I look at the world is how do you know anything is true, like truly, truly true? How do you know it's real unless you're there, unless you're participating in it? How do you know any new story is true, just because Fox tells you, just because CNN tells you, just because the BBC tells you, just because CBC tells you? The media has an agenda, has a certain way of framing things. How do you know your president, your Prime Minister is true, your politics are true? Well, you don't. You choose to subscribe to certain things that people are saying but you don't truly know it's true. I mean, how would you know that it's real unless you were there, unless you're actually dealing with the thing.

For example, we're hearing all these horror stories now about Bill Cosby and supposedly for many, many years had supposedly allegedly drugged and raped or molested many, many women. Now, my personal views on Bill Cosby way before this stuff ever came out, I just did not like the guy for he was a bit of a sanctimonious asshole. I remember hearing stories from people like Richard Pryor and Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy talking about Bill Cosby calling them up and telling them not to use the N-word in their acts because it was disrespectful to black people and they should edit it. And it just annoyed me because it was...they were black people, they are black people, and however they choose to do the comedies, however they choose to do their comedy, and for you to call up these people to tell them to do it certain ways because you're holier-than-thou. What gives you the right to do that? That's what rubbed me up wrong about that guy. And essentially, he was America's father for a while with that horrible show, "The Cosby Show." That was very popular, but there was a bad feeling about him.

So now this story comes out that, you know, supposedly, allegedly that he has raped, molested, drugged harmed. And it went to about 200 women now have come forward. Now, my gut reaction is yeah, Bill Cosby's a bad guy. This must be true. I never liked him. That's my gut reaction. And it might be true, but how do I know? How do I know his guilty? How do I know he's done this because 200 women have come forward? But the argument could be, well, 200 woman would not lie, but how do you know that? How do you know that for sure? Now, he may be guilty of all the things they said he's guilty of. I don't know, but I also know that I can't condemn the guy because I wasn't there. I wasn't a part of it. And many, many people could come forward. Many, many people can come forward and say something, doesn't make it true.

I believe in the Second World War and the First World War, there's a group of people that were called the Nazis that would scream something loud enough, long enough that people started to believe that all Jewish people were evil. And there was certainly more than 200 Nazis out there at a time. So if you go by the philosophy of a mass amount of people are saying something must be true, then all Nazis must have been true, which I don't particularly believe or subscribe to, but you see how ridiculous the statement is. But it always goes back to the point, how do you know stuff is true? Even if you were there, even if you were interacting with something, how do you know what you're seeing is true because you're filtering your experience in life by three filters, a minimum of generalizing, deleting, distorting. Every piece of information that comes in, you're generalizing it. A part of your brain rapidly says, "What's that like?" So when you see red, you don't have to think what does red mean. Automatically, red means danger. It means stop. It means urgent. You just know automatically it saves time. Sometimes it's good to generalize things, and sometimes it's not.

We're always deleting pieces of information. Our unconscious mind at any moment is taking about five million pieces of information. If you're consciously processing that, you would be crazy. Your head would explode. So your unconscious mind comes in and says, "Well, what's the most pertinent information you need to know about this?" And will edit that five million pieces of information to about five to seven pieces of information, not five to seven million, five to seven pieces of information. You're deleting the rest. Now, we never quite delete everything in our brain. It's still in there some way but way, way, way back, and it'd be very hard to find. We're doing that all the time. It happens unconsciously.

And the last filter, is we're distorting things. We all distort things. An example of this is you ever heard the thing of there's a car accident. Ten people see the accident. The police go and question these 10 different people. And these 10 different people who were there tell you 10 different stories. "Well, the car was a Ford. The car was a Lincoln. The car was a Ferrari. It was a woman driver. It was a male driver. It was a black driver. It was a white driver. It was a midget driver. It happened at 3 a.m. It happened at 4 p.m. It happened at 6 p.m. It happened at 1 a.m.," 10 different stories. Are these people lying? Well, that's questionable. But really probably what's happening for most of them is they're distorting the information that's coming in. It happens to all of us all the time. So even if you are present for an activity that's happened, how do you truly know it's real? So, ladies and gentlemen, Lukeholics, Punkers if you will, how do we get outside the matrix?

Well, first you realize you're in it, and then you tell yourself you live outside of it. You tell yourself that you live in the real world, the real, real world. You live outside the matrix. And that everybody realizes this and follows you outside as well because that inspires it to do the same. Tell yourself that you are carefree and that you are courageous. Tell yourself that you live outside the matrix, and it's simple fun and easy. So you're living outside of it all the time. Second, realize that most other people are in the matrix. Don't be mad at them. Don't be angry at them or try to get them out or prove that you're out of it or prove that they're in it or debate with them. Give no energy to that. If you do, you're going down deeper into the matrix. Number three, start doing the opposite of what most people do in every situation. Just kind of filter everything through. This is what most people are doing. What would they do in this particular situation and think about what the normal result would be and what would happen? And so you wouldn't want to go down that road and have that result. So you do the opposite. This is what I know about having things happen very fast in your life.

First of all, you'll never go as fast as you can. You will only go as fast as you will, as fast as you're willing to give up fear, to give up attachment to everything, to give up resistance, to give up the disillusion that's socially programmed matrix. If you actually gave up those things, you would have your inner game handled. It would just be handled. I didn't do this for a long time. I took a much longer path, which is another reason why I make these podcasts so I can help you make yours shorter. Everything that you think means something, the only meaning it is, is the meaning that you give it. That's the only meaning it has, and that you've got that meaning from somebody else. In fact, you learned it somewhere else. You've got that from society, from your parents, the media, or whatever. For example, being rejected by a man, woman, work situation, by your body. Let's take that for instance. Being rejected only means what you think it means because people told you what being rejected means. It doesn't actually mean that. So when you realize that everything you think means something, it's actually meaningless. Then you realize that being attached to something meaningless is meaningless and ridiculous. So just give it up and let it go.

You can have whatever you're willing to give up wanting. Just realize that. Just realize that you don't need any of the things that you're told you need in the matrix because all those traditional concepts like dating, relationships, love, companionship, sex, negative emotions, possessiveness, jealousy, envy, control, boundaries, monogamy, ownership, drama, compromise work, money, objects, all those things that you think about, dating, relationship, life, accumulating goods, are just traditional things that have been around forever and they don't exist any longer. They only exist in the matrix. They have no power. So they have no power over you unless you give them power. The only power they have are the power that you give when viewed through the matrix.

Now, when you live outside of the matrix, when you live outside the matrix, you live on the next level. These things no longer have the power they once did over you. In fact, you see them for what they are, which are just fake concepts. They are just ideas. None of them are real, and you understand that. And so you're free to create something new. It is a very, very exciting place to be. Although, when you hear me say it like that, one of the things that probably hold you back and most people from living on this level is that you're afraid. You're afraid of what that would mean. What would it mean if I don't recognize those things anymore? Well, what it means is you're free. And, yes, there will be other people who don't understand it and they will think you are crazy. They will fight you on it, and they will argue with you, and they will debate with you. And if you view that as an opportunity to inspire them...and by the way, remember, you can only inspire people actually living that life by living your life outside the matrix and live in your life on the next level.

The thing is you have to realize, they're actually stuck in the matrix. They have no idea how to get out. And, in fact, they...some of them only actually think they're out. Some of them, some of them think they actually live in a new world, but they're really attached to it. They don't know what they don't know. That's why they don't debate. Well it's actually, sorry, I should say, it's why I don't debate anymore with these types of people. It's just a waste of time.

Stay turned for part 2 next week.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard CHT
Clinical Hypnotist

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