Fake News MSM #111

Fake News!

Hypnpunk here. Look Michael Howard from Lukenosis hypnosis today.
I want to talk about this guy.

Well more about fake news. Where in your life.
Is it with your friends with your family?

Is it with social media where you're being brainwashed a diet each day to believe this to believe this agenda that someone else is passing down to you without you investigating.

What is true? What is true for you?

How do you know things that are going on around the big wide world are
true unless you investigate it.

Where are you getting your News from where are you getting your truth from if you're
looking the outside it can be manipulated at all times.

But when you find that truth and you do the investigation for yourself to see what's true,
then you know if it's real or if it's Force say no to fake news always believed.

Always Believe,


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