Fake News, Mind Control & Hypnosis 1/3

Fake News entered the lexicon of our language a few years ago where I believe the first time Donald Trump...yes, oh, Donald Trump. Lot of people out there hate Donald Trump, such a bad guy. We're gonna get into that later. We're gonna ruffle a lot of feathers with that I know and get a lot of hate mail. And send your hate mail to mail@lukenosis.com. But fake news. The term I first heard Donald Trump using network TV and newspapers in America reporting news, opinion pieces with a fake narrative to sway public opinion to get them to think and vote a certain way, essentially to manipulate you right there in front of your own eyes.

News can be very, very dangerous. Because I know growing up, I'd watch news, the BBC, British Broadcasting Company, perhaps the oldest news establishment in the world. And as a child growing up into my teenage years, even to my 20s, perhaps even into my 30s, I thought that what I was seeing on the news was really what was happening out there that it was true because why would they lie about it? It's news. So I accepted news and how it was presented to me in whatever format, newspaper, TV shows, TV news bulletins, I should say, radio, news radio, and to a degree later on, social media. Because it's on a TV show, because it's on a radio show, because it's on a magazine and newspaper, because there's a whole bunch of people that seem to have this opinion reporting it on social media, it must be true.

That person that the media says is a bad person, they must really be a bad person. And that person that the media has said has committed this crime, even though the person been convicted of a crime, never gets convicted of the crime, never gets sentenced, must be a bad person because the media said that they were a bad person. You see, we live in this society now of what I call...this is not everybody, I'm not tying everybody with the same brush. However, there is such an amount of sheep or people that go along to get along. They read a story once on a Facebook, on an Instagram post, on a Twitter and perhaps they've seen that story be shared a few times, perhaps some of their friends have commented on them, and already without stopping for a moment just asked himself, "Hey, how do I know that what I'm reading it, what I'm watching here, what I'm listening to here, how do I know it's real and not just someone's opinion?"

Unfortunately, most people, most meaning more than half will do that. They'll see a story and that person who has been accused of doing something unsavory is guilty. That doesn't matter if that person goes to court, never goes to court, never done any prison time, nothing ever happens to them. There's no charges ever pressed. Even if that person is proven that they're completely innocent, you'll never see the retraction or, if you will, it will be right at the bottom of the newspaper that you in very, very small text like those iTunes contracts they try and get to sign right at the bottom where people don't read. Because once somebody is tarred with a brush of doing something, whether they did it or not, whether there's any proof of it or not, whether they even if they get to be proven innocent or not, they are guilty by these lynch mobs of fake news and of social media

Example of this is somewhat recently. And I've got no vested interest. I'm not even a particular fan of these people I'm gonna mention to you. But I'm using them to illustrate a point. There's a comic called Louie CK. I'm not particularly a big fan. I don't particularly find the guy funny or what have you. So I've got no vested interest in this guy. However, the story goes a few years ago he would pull out his Johnson and he would ask ladies if he could masturbate in front of them, to which they would say yes, and he would. Now, it might be an unsavory behavior if you wanna judge, it might be a bit weird, periodic consent and then intermediately he would say they gave consent. He never touched them. He never raped them. He never molested them. No one ever said he did.

However, when that information came out, it essentially destroyed his career because even though the behavior may be weird, I'm not here to judge it one way or another, it wasn't illegal, he didn't break any rules, he didn't rape anyone, molested anyone, make anyone do anything against their will, they all agreed. Now you might not like that he did that because he didn't do it to you. He did to these people they were involved at a time and they agreed. Okay, you can put it out. There was such an outcry in the media of, "Oh, let's ban this guy." Well, ban him from what? He pulled out his dick a few times, asked women if he could do it and masturbate? And that means his career needs to be over? He can't make a paycheck anymore? That means he's no longer funny because he has a weird thing that he does?

So we get vilified for the press. And again, once again, I'm not a fan of Louie CK. I'll take the guy, I'll the guy to be honest with you. However, the guy went on a hiatus for this bad press of stuff that happened 10, 15 years ago and wouldn't come out of the woodwork. Again, none of them were raped, molested, touched him. He did not touch them. He'd ask them in their company if he could pull out he's Johnson and waggle a little bit. So we came back a couple of nights ago I believe and he did a very, very small show, comedy show in America somewhere that was an advertised. And of course the snowflakes are out there and they've got news of this and they're all over social media saying, "Oh, this man is evil. This man is terrible. He should never be allowed to..." To do what? To do comedy again in a little club in holiday that's no one is there?

Because he did something stupid once twice or couple of times, not because it was illegal. You may not understand it. I may not understand why he was doing what he was doing. It wasn't against the law. He didn't hurt anyone. But that means...and he's come out and he's apologized about it over and over and over again. But that means he can't do comedy anymore? That means he can't be funny anymore? That means he can't perform anymore? That means he can't make a paycheck anymore? My question is if you don't like Louie CK, don't go to his comedy concerts. Don't buy his DVD. Don't watch Netflix special. Don't advertise him. That's how you show this approval. Don't consume what he's selling if you really have strong opinions about it and that's up to you.

But then these people feel the need to contact the media, "Oh, Louie CK is so bad." "Well, have you met Louis CK?" "Well, no." "Has he ever done anything to you?" "No, but he's so bad because I heard his story?" "Well, do you know if the story is true? I mean, it may be true. I'm not saying that he didn't do what you said because I think he said it. But you don't know if it was true unless you were there. You won't there. You weren't one of the people involved. What do you even have an opinion about it? What don't you take some time and effort into your own life?"

Everyone is so quick to judge everyone else out there because we're perfect living perfect life that we can point and judge other people, condemn them. Take a fucking moment to look at your life. Unless your life is fucking A, number one, perfect, that you've never made a mistake in your life and you never will, you don't get to fucking have a judgment on these people. You don't have to like them. You don't have to consume their product. That's fine. But why do you even have a fucking opinion that you need to put on a platform for other people to listen? Are you so insignificant in your life that you feel that you need to have this opinion because other people do out there to be heard to be a sheeple because it's the only to do? Fucking makes me sick. All my work is about helping people think for themselves. Critical thinking, rational thinking, listening to their gut and blocking out this fucking noise of the matrix, been sucked into this bullshit.

Another one was Roseanne. Okay, I'm not particular a fan of Roseanne, I don't particularly find her funny. However, she had a huge career of a show in the late '80s early '90s. Big show. A big, big show. Very successful. And she went into the wilderness for, I don't know, nearly 20 years that show was off the air. Yes, she had a little talk show that went nowhere and she gets some comedy gigs. But essentially, you know, Roseanne as A-list Star was done. Somehow the planets aligned in such a quiet incredible way that Roseanne relaunched her show about 20 years later, which was last year. And the show became the number one hit on I believe the networks NBC in America. And a number one show. And if you ever remember the show Rosanna, it was a very not politically correct type of show.

So they relaunched it and the show is a hit and Roseanne has resurrected her career. Again, I'm not particularly a fan of the show. I'm a particular fan of Roseanne in any way shape or form. But the story of somebody in a great success, gone off into the wilderness for a long time and then somehow making a resurrection, that's the story for me. That's fucking incredible. You know, good job. I might not particularly like your work, but I appreciate a good redemption story. I like Rocky after all. And then Roseanne in her words, "Late one night," she's on the Ambien, the sleep medication, she may have had something to drink and she's a comedian, right, and she makes what some people call an off-color remark about I believe an American politician something about their race, I believe.

Now remember, she's comedian folks and there's a lot of comedians out there that I don't find funny. And you know, when I don't find them funny, I just switch over to channel or I read someone else's tweet or I don't buy their album or I don't like their posts on Instagram or I don't watch their trailer videos or leave any comments or thumbs up on Facebook or YouTube because I'm not gonna consume the product. That's how I vote, it's not my thing. I am not a little bitch, a little snowflake who then feels the need to write because I've got no life going on to write 10 paragraphs on why this comedian is unfunny and a bad person. Because who cares? Who cares what you write? If you really wanna affect it, don't buy their album, don't watch their show. Don't go to their concert. That's how you show your disapproval.

Nobody wants to read your comment on Facebook, on a fucking review online somewhere unless you are perfect, unless you're, A, number one, unless you've never made a mistake in your life, what the hell gives you the right to go out there and judge someone that you've never met and you're not involved in the story but you're hearing a second-handed story from somebody with an opinion piece? Who the hell do you think you are? I am so sick of these fucking snowflakes. Again, my work is all about educating people so that they can think for themselves with critical thinking. The more successful I become the more haters I get.

And the more successful I become I don't have any time to respond to the haters because I'm gonna spend away too much time helping people. The people that are out there hating with these under the disguise that these are valuable comments, they've got nothing better to do, they're not running fortune 500 companies, do you think they're running successful families and other patriarch or matriarch from that family? No. They're online talking shit all day wanting to be important. No one gives a fuck about your opinion.

And then Roseanne, yeah, back to Roseanne, she was kicked off of her own show that's named after her that she'd written at least, you know, the first run of that show. I don't know if she was a sole write of the respawn version of it. So they're gonna continue the show. I believe they're gonna call it "Roseanne," and someone got a write her out without her. Again, I'm not a fan of Roseanne. I don't particular like the show. I don't particularly like her. But the ridiculousness of a woman who developed the show that's based upon heard and some loose fashion, that you're gonna kick her out of the show because she wrote an off-color...pun intended, an off-colored tweet about a politician's race just because you're...the only person who gets to have a say on that tweet…well, two people is Roseanne and the politician. No one else gets to have a say about it.

The thing is just because you're offended by something doesn't mean you're right. Just because you get upset and you get up in arms about it doesn't mean you're right. You might feel righteous in your indignation. It doesn't mean you're right though. There's a lot of things I don't like but I realize I just don't like it. I got no time to make a comment even put a thumbs down on it. I just don't consume the product. That's how I show my disapproval. I have a fucking life and I implore you to have the same. So she gets kicked off the show, as you get so much hate mail over a tweet that she made. Remember she's a comedian, comedian and making jokes. There's a lot of comedians that I have watched that I've listened to that I've seen live. There are parts of their act. A lot of their act I might not find funny. But I'm not leaving a negative review.

I just realized that not every joke is gonna hit all of the time. This is life. So I get on with my life. I don't have a second thinking about it. She's got to the point of Roseanne got so much stick after making this tremendous come back in a career, that she's moving to Israel I believe was the story that I heard today to try and escape all of this. I don't know, maybe she thinks the Jews are gonna be kinder to her. I don't know. Oh, there you go. Hate mail to mail@lukenosis.com It's okay I'm half Jewish. But I just find it so fucking ridiculous that everyone jumps on this bandwagon. If you don't like Roseanne don't watch the fucking show. Don't buy the album. Don't buy the book. Don't call NBC to have a kicked off the network because she made a tweet whether or not she was under the influence of heavily sedated with the sleep medication Ambien and she didn't know what she was doing.

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