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Another one, another controversial one, and again, this is not someone I like really any way shape or form. I'll tell you why in a minute. Bill Cosby, I read about Bill Cosby. You know, I don't know how many women have come forward now. Alleged that he's done some kind of sexual misconduct with them, drugged them in some way. Forced himself on them. Allegedly. There's been an awful lot of women have come out, I believe in he's 40 or so for a year plus or so career. There's about 200 women at last count that ever accused him of doing something untoward. Let me tell you before all of this, when Bill Cosby was America's Dad, I never liked them. I'll tell you why I didn't like him, is I remember hearing stories from three of my favorite comedians, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, and Chris Rock. That who received telephone calls from Bill Cosby calling up as the voice of black people, because we know Bill Cosby is the voice of all black people in America, telling that they were a disgrace to their race because they were using the "N" word in their act.

Who the fuck is Bill Cosby to tell these guys not to use something in their act? That's why I don't like Bill Cosby. Now, do I know that story is 100% true? No, I don't know because I wasn't there. But I've read the story. I've heard about the story from Chris Rock, Richard Pryor, and Eddie Murphy. And I always got this vibe from Bill Cosby of this holier than thou attitude of how he's the father of America. Certainly, the black father of America and he can do no wrong. He's painted with this brush of holier than now. And when anyone is painted with that brush, it set alarm bells off for me. Maybe that's something I need to investigate in my own life, but at least I'm willing to do that. Then all these stories come out with these allegations of some kind of sexual misconduct, sexual abuse.

If Bill Cosby has done 10%, 20% of the stuff I've heard he allegedly did, then he should be punished. Absolutely, should be punished if he's done it. If there's evidence, then he should be punished. Whatever that punishment is, he should be punished. However, playing devil's advocate because I've been known to do from time to time, how do you know? How do you know he really did all the things that he said? I'm not asking you not to believe a victim. But I'm just saying to critically look at this. And again, I'm no fan of Bill Cosby. Anyway, we could bury this guy for good. I don't find him funny and I don't like he's holier than thou attitude. So I'm anti-Bill Cosby.

However, I have to challenge that. I have to challenge that in myself as hard as it is, and I'd be like how? He's not been convicted as of press time of committing any of these crimes. There's been awful lot of allegations. The first time this case went to court, I don't know how many women took him to court, but the jury I believe was a hung jury and there was no verdicts, so it got thrown out. The first time he was tried. I believe he's going to court again. Some other women are taking him to court.

So, again, if we go with the facts, if we go with the evidence, he's not been convicted of anything, and then may be a lot of women are coming out there and saying he's done these things and maybe he has. But again, if he has, if it can be proven, if he's done 10%, 20% of the stuff that I've read about or I've heard about, he should be punished to the full extent of the law for such crimes. However, he hasn't been convicted of anything, and there's no tangible proof. So right now, in a court of law, Bill Cosby is innocent. I may not like him but I cannot let that judge facts. And the fact is right now, despite all the people who have come out, he has not been convicted of anything.

And we live in a society now where anyone...there's even a stone thrown on someone's character accusing someone of something. We automatically jump on that bandwagon. We condemn them. Even when they've been convicted of nothing, when there's no evidence of such, we condemn them. Immediately, they are guilty without trial. And we get involved on these social media lynch mobs, these hate mobs of sheeple, just all agree into one our voice to finally be heard, so we fit in somewhere.

Stop it. Stop being a sheeple. Think for yourself. Go with the fucking evidence. Eliminate your own feelings for somebody and the facts of what has been presented. Turn down all the noise. Think for yourself. It can be difficult to think for yourself. Trust me, it can give you a headache. But you need to develop that gray matter inside your head. Don't allow other people to control you because that's what they're doing, folks. The fake media, the social media lynch mobs are controlling you. You think you're controlling, you think you're having a say with your comment, no one gives a fuck about your comment. It doesn't hold any water in a court of law.

You show your disapproval by not buying the album, by not watching the show, by not buying the theater tickets. That's how you show your disapproval. It's the only thing that counts. So right now, whether you like it or not, as of this date in 2018, Bill Cosby is innocent because he hasn't been convicted of anything. Now you may not like him like me, but it's not been convicted of anything. So rather than jump on the fucking bandwagon, hold your opinion, because you were not there. You're not Bill Cosby. You're not one of these women.

And I will throw one other thing to be controversial there, but, hey, that's what I do and I'm gonna present you the facts. It always amazes me that supposedly this guy had been doing these misappropriate sexual acts unwarranted to women for at least 40 years, about 200 women as mentioned before, it's amazing how with the exception of Janice Dixon in 2006 on the "Howard Stern Show" where she alluded to some kind of weird interaction with Bill Cosby that no one came forward until...what are we now? 2018 to about 2015, 2016. And then one person came forward, two people come. And suddenly we're at 200 people. Where were those 200 women a year before, two years before, 10 years before, 20 years before, 30 years before, 40 years before? Oh, and you can say, "Well, maybe they were scared, Luke." I understand that. It's hard to report crimes. I understand that. But it's your job to report something that happened to you.

It always amazes me that everyone comes out of the woodwork all at once. And despite how uncomfortable it may be going to the police and telling them of such a situation, I don't believe that all 200 women, 200 already, there may be more, all felt exactly the same. So then something starts to smell a little bit fishy that they all come out of the woodwork at the same point. Again, I may not like this guy and I'll put that out there. However, he is innocent until proven guilty. It's not the other way around. No matter how much fake media or the social media tries to tell you or brainwash you and that's what they're doing, you think you being smart by leaving those comments, you think you're swaying the court? No, you're not. You're being a sheeple. You're playing into the matrix. You're being controlled. You're being a bitch. You're being manipulated. Think for your fucking self. Stop being lazy.

Another story. I don't know if you remember, there was a Michael Jackson interview, I am gonna say circa 2003, 2004 with Martin Bashir, a British journalist. I believed he went on to host or co-host "60 Minutes." And it was called "Living with Michael Jackson." And Michael Jackson, and this is being filmed and Martin Bashir is pretending to be Michael Jackson's friend in this interview. And it comes out that Michael Jackson's sharing a bed I believe with a 11-year-old cancer patient, if memory serves me right. He's not committing any acts of sexual misconduct or anything like that and I think has been suggested by the boy or his family.

At that point, his family are fully aware of it in the interview if memory serves me right. It is pretty weird. If that wasn't my kid and I was the parent personally, I would not put my kid in that situation. I'll take him out immediately. But that's a separate topic. The parents, for whatever reason, were comfortable. The kid seemingly was most comfortable. And then Marty Bashir starts to spin this whole story and then the big narrative that came out of it is essentially trying to paint Michael Jackson again as being a pedophile, for want of a better word

Here's the interesting thing, about a week after that show went on air, Michael Jackson put our show out there hosted by Murray Povich. Is it Maury Povich? The guy host "The Jerry Springer" type talk show in America with a paternity test. Maury Povich. I believe his name is Povich. Where he was filming Martin Bashir and the Martin Bashir crew. And then Michael Jackson put out his version of the same documentary film and the crew. And when you could watch both those interviews back to back and all the stuff that the Martin Bashir interview left out in order to go with the story, remember never let the truth get in the way of a good story of Michael Jackson being a creep and being a child molester.


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