Fake News, Mind Control & Hypnosis 3/3

Here's the thing. I'm not particularly big fan of Michael Jackson either. I appreciate that he was an amazing performer, perhaps one of the greatest performers of all time. And he's got a couple of good songs. I was never a huge Michael Jackson fan of the show. Well, now I'm always been a George Michael fan. So I'm not a Michael Jackson fan, particularly in any way, shape, or form. However, you have to go with the evidence. And the evidence was he was not convicted of anything. Yes, there was lots of stories but nothing went to court. There was no proof of any of this happening. And he may be an eccentric guy.

He may have been a weird guy. He may have done this stuff. I don't know. But I also know that somebody is innocent until proven guilty. Despite what fake news, what social media tells us with the sheeple, the other way around that people are guilty, immediately as soon as someone costs a label or makes an accusation and that person is guilty. What kind of world is this? You realize how someone's career can be destroyed by someone making these fake allegations? It's completely fucking irresponsible.

A recent illustration of this point was in the UK. We have a show called "Big Brother." I know that there's one in America and one in Canada as well, a "Celebrity Big Brother." And it was a celebrity and I use that term very loosely called Roxanne, and she accused one of the male participate as women baiting as beating her up in a house. Now you gotta figure this girl was pretty fucking stupid because there's about 127 plus cameras in the house along with another 11 housemates, I believe, and about five of them were around when this so-called incident happened.

And you can watch this. It's been a big news story in the UK. This Ryan character, he's in the kitchen of "Big Brother" with Roxanne and he starts doing some playful boxing with her, just throwing some punch. Very, very light like you would do if you're just playing around, play fighting. It's very loose. The camera is right there. And she kinda goes, "Oh, you're a woman beater" in a joking mocking way. There's other people around there. You can see that there is no malice, there is no power in any of these blows. He's just essentially touching her.

She then goes into the bedroom where she's alone and then starts to unravel. She then starts to complain to herself. She then goes into the "die room" of "Big Brother" crying, breaking down, melting down accusing Ryan of beating her up. Remember there's 127 video cameras watching this whole incident with security right outside the door on a live stream of this show 24/7 that you can watch on the internet along with 11 other housemates in that house. So if the camera picked up and a camera picks up everything, they would have sent someone immediately in there to stop this because if that really happened, then you could sue the network, you could sue the TV show station. The show will be off air and maybe the network will be off air. It's on public display. Something's gonna get done. You can't brush that under the carpet. Its live for everyone to see.

She then went on to sleep in a separate room and to drop the narrative to the rest of the house without explicitly saying what happened, but implicitly implying that Ryan had been inappropriate of her, that he had been violent with her and that he needs to be kicked out of the house and that she doesn't feel safe in the house anymore. And it got worse and worse and worse the allegations that she was making. This was a guy that barely touched her in a play fight situation. There's no malice or power. You can watch the video in it. And he did not know what's going on. This character, Ryan...actually he's not a character, he's an actor. It's a Celebrity Big Brother. He didn't know what's going on. And then when some of the other guys have put two and two together and believe in Roxanne they've confronted him to which point Ryan is almost had a meltdown in the house because of thinking that he's being wrongly put across, forcibly put across as a woman beater on national reality TV.

And he's breaking down in the house but he didn't want to quit the show. And everyone who saw it outside, remember the contestants in the house are not watching it, they don't get to see the live stream until they leave. But finally, after being sucked into this vortex, this matrix, one of the guys goes into the diary room, the private room of Big Brothers, he says, "What's going on with Roxanne is terrible. Why is Ryan still in the house?" And Big Brother couldn't give too much information other than to say it's been dealt with and if this really happened what Roxanne had said, there's no way that Ryan would still be in the house. To which the guy that went in there down on the other housemates, well, that make sense that he went and talked to some of the other housemates.

And it started to turn. When people started to realize, they had been sucked into that full matrix of not knowing what happened but just believing in somebody accusing someone without any hard evidence, even though the public outside saw exactly what happened were completely disgusted by Roxanne allegations of woman beating and not feeling safe in the house. Long story short, the house started to question her. She couldn't take it. She left out of the back door in Big Brother. And pretty much all was revealed when the housemates did eventually leave. It was complete fabrication. Complete bullshit. Something completely blown out of proportion to a point where this Roxanne has now become public enemy number one in England just...it has destroyed her career.

It has not destroyed Ryan's career, it's destroyed her career because the allegation she made over something, that was so trivial, that was so playful that everyone else saw as that but she was depicting him as a woman beater in the house, that she'd been vilified by the press and she actually did give an interview with Big Brother and the Big Brother lady who does interviews, Emma or Willis, she's used to quite impartial with interviews. But you can see in the interview she was disgusted with Roxanne and gave her a hard time and rightfully so. Well, she apologized after watching the videos of what happened. She conceded that she did blow out of proportion that she was wrong and she's sorry if she caused any damage to Ryan's career. Moral of the story is Ryan won that TV show because there's 127 plus video cameras that showed he didn't beat anyone up. He certainly did not beat a woman up.

The whole housemates that had been evicted from the house who didn't know which way to go on but questioned, well, if she was really beaten up logically, why would Ryan still be allowed to be in this house? He wouldn't be. And when they saw that this seven-second incident was over like that, they were like, "That was it? That was the internet? It was such a non-event." But they were disgusted by her. Then later, some of her former colleagues, male and female had come out from soap opera she worked in the UK, and had said that she'd done similar stuff to them to blow things out of proportion and accused them of things. Moral of the story, she's public number one. Her career is over. Ryan won the show and that narrative, that story as hard as I'm sure it was for him to go through in the house actually made him win the show because he was not particularly interesting without that story.

But don't be making any judgments until you have fact, until you have veritable real-world proof out there. Otherwise, you're just a fucking moron. You're just a fucking sheep. Think for yourself. Think "Okay, if this was real, he still won't be in the house. If this was real, this person wouldn't still be present. If this was real, this wouldn't still be happening." Think for yourself. Don't vote with your stupid opinion of why you dislike somebody or why...if you really don't like him, again, boycott their product. Don't buy the CD. Don't watch the Netflix special. Don't go to one of their concerts. Don't vote for that person. That's how you show.

And another one just because I haven't been controversial enough here today, everyone's favorite man, the greatest man in the world. Donald Trump. And isn't a day that goes past where I don't see feed somewhere on my Facebook where someone feels appropriate on their social media to talk about Donald Trump and make some kind of meme, some kind of joke or what kind of racist or terrible misogynistic, evil person dumb president he is. Every day, they feel it appropriate to put out. Now I don't put my political feelings on social media because a lot of my clients will listen to it. It's not something that I feel that they particularly need to know about me or my religion because it has nothing to do with the kind of work that I do. My political beliefs are mine. My religious beliefs or lack of are mine and no one else's business.

But people feel that it's appropriate to put this all over Facebook. And we hear again regardless of your political standpoint or not, look at it logically. I happen to like Donald Trump. Surprise, surprise, I find him tremendously entertaining. And he is a WWE Hall of Famer and former participant of wrestle mania and he did hit Vince McMahon. So he's got my vote for life right there. However, when he ran for president, as most people at the time, I thought, "It's not gonna happen. He's just doing it for attention for the new season that 'The Apprentice.' He has no passion or no real motivation to become president because he's a billionaire. It's gonna be too much work. He's in his 70s. You know, a new child, why on earth would you put yourself for it? Because no matter how good or bad you are as a president, you're go gonna be vilified through the media." But I was wrong, thankfully, and so were a lot of people.

So then he decide to put his hat into the political campaign and to run for president, and he won the parties support or at least enough of them to run against Hillary. And again, no one thought this guy would win because oh, the narrative is Donald Trump is a joke. He's an idiot. Look at him, he's dumb. He's orange. He's got a hairpiece. What's the deal with Donald Trump? Does he wear a piece? He's a joke. He's reality TV star. We can't take this guy seriously. But who is against is Hillary and she's been involved in politics for 25 years, former First Lady of the United States of America? It's a foregone conclusion that Hillary's gonna win. And I'm gonna tell you, I believed that she was gonna win as well. I prayed even though I'm an atheist that she wouldn't. Well, I thought she would win, but I thought, "Hey, just imagine what if, what if Donald Trump became president?"

And enough people with enough stroke, got enough power voted for Donald Trump to become president. So despite the fake news, despite the fake narrative that's thrown out there that nobody likes Donald Trump, that everyone thinks is an idiot, he's a bad leader, he's a bad guy, he's a racist, he's a sexist, none of this has been proven, by the way, just public opinion. He still got voted in to become president. So enough people liked him, enough electoral colleges, enough voters liked him, believed in him to vote him in, however you choose to slice this. He's the president.

So in spite of fake news and fake media, trying to tie him with the brush that no one likes him, no one voted for him and he's a bad president, people did vote for him. He is the president. And so far, he hasn't done a terrible job. He's done no better or worse job than many other presidents before him. Again, if you're an American citizen, and you don't like Donald Trump, and it came comes down to vote him in and he runs it for presidency again, then don't vote for him. That's how you show your disapproval. But don't be going out there being one of the sheeple because it's the cool thing to do, snowflakes go out and give your opinion on social media because all your friends are saying, "Oh, Donald Trump is a racist." Where's the proof? He talked about erecting a wall in Mexico. It was a joke. It was a bit. Do you know how I know that?

Because he didn't actually make the wall. He didn't construct the wall. But it got you talking about him. He got those pressed inches. He got those press papers. He got that press time where is everywhere all of the time because controversy creates crash as Eric Bischoff would say. He worked you. He worked the American system and you fell for it. Good. But I don't particularly think he's a racist. I'm not saying that. Some people will have their little stories of narratives, and I will see it in narratives of people that have come forward and said, of different races saying that he's a good guy and women have come forward and said he's a good guy. And also the sexism and this misogynistic tendencies of him have come out of these women saying this, that and the devil knows what.

We're also got to remember that I believe his campaign manager, the woman that was really, for the most part, responsible for running his campaign and put him in the White House was a woman, the first woman to ever successfully run a successful presidential campaign to have their candidate elected to President of the United States of America. It was a woman. That's never happened before. When Donald Trump was buying up New York in the early '80s, and I can't quite remember this lady's job description or job title, I should say, there was a lady that he hired to essentially manage all the buildings he was purchasing. Essentially, she became one of the most powerful people in construction in the United States. Guess what? That's a woman. First time a woman was in that position. Donald Trump gave that woman that position. So you don't have to like the guy. I do like this guy from what I've seen. He entertains me. I find him funny. I find him making the politics interesting.

But you don't have the right to hate this guy because you never met him. If you don't like him, don't vote for him. If you like someone better than him and your candidate in America, vote for them. If you're outside, you don't get to vote, so shut your fucking mouth. No one cares about your opinion even if you're in America. Show by voting for him or not for him. No one cares about your story because you're probably never met him, you probably never had a drink with him, and you've probably got no real world veritable proof that he's good guy or bad guy.

And even if he was a racist, and even if he was a sexist, you don't think there's been successful presidents around the world that have been racist and sexist? I'm not saying those are good tendencies whatsoever. What I am saying is people are fundamentally flawed. We all including me and including you. Whether they be presidents, Prime Ministers, kings, queens, celebrities, Pope's, pop stars, all flawed, all having made mistakes, who the fuck are we to judge them unless we are perfect, unless we're A number one and we've never ever made a mistake in our own lives? No one gives a fuck about your snowflake opinion on social media so think for yourself. Think is this story true? How do I know it's true? Where are the facts? Not the public opinion, not a journalist little spin, where are the facts?

And oftentimes when you do that, you'll see through the matrix, you'll see the smoke, you'll see the mirrors, you'll see the level of bullshit that you'll be served up. And you'll be upset. You'll be pissed off. You'll be pissed off at yourself that you were brainwashed, sucked into that matrix for so many, many years. Because once you take that proverbial red pill, you'll never see the wall the same again. So take the red pill, my friends. I realized we'll go down that rabbit hole about how see how deeply this can go.


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