Follow The Yellow Brick Road!

Follow The Yellow Brick Road!

Hypnopunk here with your mindset Monday!

and you to remember the movie The Wizard of Oz?

Do you remember Dorothy had the yellow brick road.
That she needs to walk down.

To me the end of brick road is a bit like having faith or having a belief.

It's not something you can quite see like in The Wizard of Oz Dorothy did not know that Oz really existed
but she had to believe it existed she had this belief she had this faith that this Magical Kingdom would exist
and should finally meet the wizard and everything would be right at the end.

Where in your life do you have to have absolute Faith absolute
belief that something is going to happen,
even though the rest of the world is telling you no,
and you can't not see it in a really real world,
but you have to see inside your mind first
and you have to feel it inside your heart to make it real!

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