How To Stop Anxiety Today *New Brain Hack!

How To Stop Anxiety Today.

*New Brain Hack!

And we are live here from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on a Tuesday afternoon. Each day this week I will be coming at you somewhere between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern with a Facebook Live. If you're not in Canada, then do check your local times to see how that corresponds.

So I should probably tell you who I am because I always assume that you know who I am, but some people might not. My name is Luke Michael Howard. I'm a clinical hypnotist. I'm a fixer. I help people fix things they believe are unfixable. I help people solve things they believe are unsolvable. I've worked for governments, I've worked for celebrities, but I've also worked for people like you. The people that have fallen through the cracks, you know, they're at a last resort and they have nowhere else to turn. I have a particular set of skills, skills that make me a nightmare for your anxiety. If you got a problem, if you got anxiety and you've tried everything else and nothing's worked and you've lost all hope, come find me. I can fix you. So I've been doing this for 23 years now, helping people overcome all types of problems, but well over 5,000 people overcome the symptoms of anxiety.

You might be, "Luke, well, what do you know that I don't know about anxiety? Why should I listen to you?" Well, I had anxiety before it was a cool thing to have between about the age of 9 and 19. Before everybody had anxiety, I had this thing called anxiety, and I didn't have a label. As I said, I probably helped well over 5,000 people, one-on-one, overcome, dial down, switch off, delete, and make obsolete the symptoms of anxiety. I was recently recognized as the number one hypnotist in the whole of Toronto by our number one newspaper, the "Toronto Star" and I'm writing a book on anxiety that will come out later on this year. So that's a little bit about me and why it might be a good idea to listen to me and follow my instructions if you want to overcome anxiety.

If you're watching, give me a wave. Hey, Willie. Give me a thumbs up. Hey, I think Janell came on as well. How are you? So this title of this video... Hey, Sylvie. How are you? Long time no see. Is titled a new brain hack that I've found to overcome, switch off, delete, dial down, make obsolete anxiety. And I got it from, where did I get this one from, from energy medicine. [inaudible 00:02:43] a hypnotist. I call myself a hypnotist, but basically, I go to anyone who's really good at things I want to get good at and I steal from them ethically. We call it modeling in neural linguistic programming, and I use those skills with my clients. So if I find something that an energy practitioner, somebody practice Reiki or anything else, movements, and chiropractors that I feel I could help my clients with to help to change the mental circuitry in their brain, then I will use from those ethically.

Hey, John. How are you? If you're watching, give me a thumbs up like this, give me a wave. Say hello in the comments below. Hey, Melanie. How are you? So here's a cool little brain hack that I've learned that will literally... Hey, Natalie, how are you? That will help you to deal with your anxiety and I got it from energy medicine. Hey, Kelsey, how are you? It's really, really simple.

So let's just suppose you're having a panic attack or your anxiety is very, very high. You think, "What are my feelings?" You access that file in your brain like accessing a file on your desktop computer. What am I feeling? Hey, Paul, how are you? I'm feeling anxiety. Then you get what we call the SUDs, Subjective Units of Distress. How strong is it? Hey, Josh. How are you? Ten is very high, zero is very low. You get a number. So let's hypothetically say it's seven. You've got anxiety. You experience the symptoms of anxiety and it is a seven right now. There you go. That's a bit weird. All you do is get a hand. Doesn't matter what hand. All right? Actually, I'm gonna do a different one with it. Yeah. I know this is live. I'm going to do a different one with it. You're gonna get your hands, you're gonna put it on your solar plexus, where some people believe the heart chakra is. If you are inclined to go along with that, then go along with that, if you believe in chakras and stuff, but we're just putting it on your solar plexus. And all you're gonna do is you're gonna two fingers on your other hand. And what you're going to do is you're gonna start to tap between your middle, excuse me, between your little finger knuckle right here, and your ring finger knuckle. So roughly in the middle with two or three fingers as that hand is on your solar plexus. But before you tap that area, all you do is you close your eyes, if it's safe to do, and you just imagine breathing in through that hand into your heart, into your solar plexus. About three of those. Breathe into that hand, into your heart, about three times.

For some people, that's enough. For some people, that's enough. So if you were suffering from the symptom of anxiety and you got your number, just ask yourself, what number is it now? Zero to 10, 10 being super high, zero being low. Probably find it's dropped. To some people, that's all they need to do. They might need to do that a few more breaths to dial that anxiety all the way down. For some people, go to the next bit. All right? So remember, tap in between the little knuckle, finger knuckle, and the middle, excuse me, and the ring finger knuckle. So right about there with two or three fingers. Hand is flat on your solar plexus and all you're simply gonna do is tap or as the HypnoPixie would say, thump that area right there, as you continue to be aware of where your hand is and breathe into that area. How long do you do this? For as long as you need. I typically find about 50 thumps, taps, is about enough. Doesn't matter if you are a few over, doesn't matter if you're a few under, everyone's different. All right? And after about 50, close your eyes, stop. Just check-in with yourself. Has your anxiety subsided? Has it gone down? Has it gone completely? Check-in with yourself. If it's gone completely, amazing. Good job. Well done. You got new technique to use. If it's subsided but it hasn't gone all the way down, do it a little bit more. Tap a little bit longer, breathe into that area. Okay? It's very, very effective. It's good to use multiple times a day to bring your awareness into your heart chakra and to tap using some fort field therapy into that area while you continue to breathe and you just test to see how much it's gone down.

Hey, Michael. How are you? Thank you, Josh. John, excuse me. Sorry. Johnson. Great info. If you got any questions about that, about that technique that I just did or anxiety, put it in the questions box below. Gonna be here for a few minutes if people got questions. So I'd be happy to answer it. So get on your keyboard and write some questions. And if you're watching this on the replay, then a little bit later put your questions in underneath and I will endeavor to answer them. And if you have any other subjects or areas of anxiety or hypnosis you want me to do in a Facebook Live, please... Hey Kim, how are you? Then please put it in the comments below and I will endeavor to do a Facebook Live about that.

So again, quick recap, very, very simple. You've got anxiety, open up that file on your head top computer, scale it zero to 10, 10 being high, zero being low. Get your hand, put it on your heart or your solar plexus. Breathe into that area about three to five times. It might have subsided by that time. If it's still sticking around, go ahead and put it on steroids. What I mean by that is you're gonna take two fingers or three from the other hand. You're gonna tap between your little knuckle and your ring finger, and I'll point to that area, about 50 times or so until it subsides or dials all the way down to help you to develop a new neural pathway in your brain to helping you overcome anxiety.

If you did this, write in the comments below. How did that make you feel? A lot of people, they just naturally start to feel a bit more centered. They start to feel better from just having their hand there, bringing in awareness. They get in touch with their body, and that tapping seems to intensify it, to make them really [inaudible 00:08:41]. So it's really a good way just to make yourself feel better. You don't have to just use it for anxiety, you can use it for most negative emotions, but this is...anxiety is the one that's really, really good for and just for making you feel good for no particular reason.

So Steven's watching. Hey, Steven. How are you? John loves to learn. Good, me too. If you got any comments put them in the comment box below so I can communicate with you and answer any of your questions. With that being said, I'm gonna go on the rest of my day right now and do some yoga and continue to write my book. We're about 1,200 words into my book so far, and I'm not a good typer so I just record it on a Google document on my phone and it's pretty accurate, like about 95% when it transcribes those words, the words that I use into word...typed words, easy for me to say, on my Google documents. That's going good. Gonna need to edit, gonna need to format it. Still got about another, I don't know, 138,000 words to go, but we're getting there. So I think that equates to, what, 12,000 words is about 40 pages. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's 20 pages, did the math the other day. But it's finally getting moving and that should be will be out sometime this year anywhere between three to six months. I write every day.

So with that being said, enjoy the rest of your day, put your comments below and like and share and comment on this and share it with people that may need to learn this technique and Facebook groups that you might be a member of where the clientele of that said the Facebook group could benefit from learning this skill free of charge.

If you want to have a chat with me to see if I can help,  you can schedule something here;

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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