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Hypnosis For ED (Erectile Disfunction)

Luke, Michael Howard, clinical hypnotist

change worker and owner of Lukenosis, Hypnosis here.

So I want to touch upon a subject today that's

a little bit sensitive, especially to people

like me, men, and that is Ed or erectile dysfunction.

It's not something we like to talk about. And

oftentimes if we have an issue with it, we'll

go to our doctors and we'll be prescribed. Viagra

or Cialis or some other type of help, Pharmaceutical help.

Now recent studies from doctors, medical studies

show us that about 95% of the time, perhaps as

high as 97% of the time, men that suffer from

erectile dysfunction. It's not a physiological

problem, meaning the symptom displays itself

as a physiological problem and you know that is.

But 95% of it is mental is performance anxiety.

That's why hypnosis can be an amazing tool to

overcome that. Now it's an interesting thing,

because what are we? We're in December now,

and over the last six months I've seen quite

a few guys for erectile dysfunction, different

ages and so forth. And. The interesting thing

about them is they had tried Cialis, they had

tried Viagra. If they were pleasuring themselves,

they had absolutely no issue with maintaining

an erection, and in their words, not mine. They

were very much attracted to their partners,

so it wasn't a lack of attraction. They could

maintain an erection if they were pleasuring themselves.

But when it came to the act of having sex with
their significant other, they just not, could

not maintain it, even though they were loaded

up to the gills with Viagra or Cialis. And so

they found their way to me, which is really interesting

because yes, so I absolutely do help guys with

this issue, but I don't advertise it anywhere.

And the interesting about this is, is when I

get a great result with a guy, the last thing

in the world he wants to do is make a video with

me saying, hey, I used to not be able to get hard

and then I met Luke and I got hard and the last

thing he wants to do is leave a review for it.

And understandably so because people want

to keep their anonymity. Hence why I don't have

a ton of testimonials or videos, interviews

with clients about that. But yeah, so far I and

and you know, I haven't worked with hundreds

of men with erectile dysfunction, you know,

if I'm completely honest with you. But so far

every man I've ever worked with with erectile

dysfunction has had it changed meaning he could not only.

Get an erection. But you could maintain that

erection with his partner. I just needed to

help him get over the performance anxiety of

not pleasing his partner and not maintaining

that hardness, not being able to perform to

A to a certain level. And there's some very powerful

tools and hypnosis and the work that I do with

people that I do with men specifically in this

area to help them. So performance anxiety,

erectile dysfunction, it doesn't need to be

a dirty thing. It doesn't need to be a shameful thing.

You've got an issue with that. And even though

you may be loaded with Viagra and Cialis and

that stuff isn't working. And quite frankly,

if you are using that stuff and that's the only

thing that's helping you maintain your hardness

and you've been diagnosed by medical. Professional

and they're fully diagnosed you and you haven't

got any medical problems, blocked arteries

or anything like that. And it's probably not

a good thing to be on on those Ed medications

long term because there's so many, many side effects.

So if you're a guy out there and you want some

help not only getting hard but actually maintaining hardness.

With your partner, I can help you with that.

I have a good track record of helping men with that.

So if you're interested and you need some help

and you want to do something different, then

the best thing for you to do is to book a screening

call which is free, which is a one hour private

chat with me on the telephone where I can find

out a little bit more about you, a little bit

more about what brought you to the dance, so

to speak, and assess if you'd be a good program.

Excuse me if you'd be a good client for my program.

And then we go from there. So underneath this

video or perhaps above this video, there will

be a link to the screening call. Just click on

the link, fill out the quick questionnaire,

choose a day and a time, and we will go on the telephone

and help to formulate a way for you to overcome

your Ed erectile dysfunction. Always believe xXx

Luke from Lukenosis, hypnosis.


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