Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy Special Announcement *Time Sensitive

Special Announcement

It's Wednesday and you know what that means.

Hello, I'm Luke Michael Howard, clinical hypnotist

and owner of Lukenosis. Hypnosis and I have

a special announcement for you. Today. As mentioned

is Wednesday the 12th of April 2023 and I'm offering

up until next Tuesday, which is April the 18th.


I'm offering a free screening call with myself.

On the 18th, I'm going to be away for a little

while in Spain, and when I return all screening

calls, which is the first step in talking with

me to help you overcome your problems. Be that

something with addictions, emotions, trauma,

some kind of behavior you no longer want, weight

control or chronic pain.


It's the first step that we take if we're going to work together

and if you're going to let me help you to help

yourself when I return in early May from Spain.

All screenings going forward will be $50.00

and they're actually very, very, very great

value because you spend an hour with me on the

telephone where we really discover what's

going on and help to chart you the next step in

getting some help with me being on your team,

helping you to get the other side.


However, between now the 12th of April until next Tuesday,

which is the 18th, all screening calls are going

to be free. That's right. They're going to be free

between now and next Tuesday. And like I say,

from next Tuesday onwards I'm going to be away.

And then when I'm back in May all screening calls,

they're going to be $50.00. So if you've been

on the fence about working with me, or at least

finding out how I could potentially help you,

help yourself in whatever your situation is,

now's the time to book that screening call so

we can chat and get a real blueprint to help you

to get to the next level to get rid of any barriers

that have been in your way to success. So no delay

if you've been waiting for your sign. To book

your screening call this is your sign! book today.


We'll certainly book before next Tuesday so

we can get you in free of charge. It won't cost you anything.

And perhaps come up with some solutions to help

you in your life get to the next level. Anyway,

that's been a quick message. That's been a special announcement.

Enjoy the sun. Enjoy the spring.


Always Believe xXx


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