Mindset Monday #24

"Let Bad People Go!!"

Luke Michael Howard: Hello, Luke Michael Howard here, aka the HypnoPunk with your Mindset Monday.

And today's episode is about letting go. Sometimes, unfortunately, life, it comes to a point where we just simply need to let things go, we need to let addictions go, we need to let old habits go, we need to let people go in our life.

And it may be a sad time to do that. It may be with a heavy heart, but you've to allow people to go, learn our lessons and move on and take those learnings into new relationships, into new situations. Sometimes the worst thing you can do is hold on to people, toxic people as much as heartbreaking as it is, sometimes you just simply have to let go.

And how simple, how easy is it to let go. It's never easy but it's very, very simple, it's much like this bag here. That's you holding on to something, that's you...something comes so it can go. When you grip on it it becomes a problem.

How you let go is you simply let it pass, you let go, let go of those people, let go of those things.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Hypnotist


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