Mindset Monday #10



It's the Hypnopunk here with your motivational Monday.

Today's message is all about loneliness. Loneliness, we think it's a big scary thing. See oftentimes, I'm on the road travelling from office to office, client to client in different towns, different countries, different cities. And sometimes I do that alone, and sometimes being in a new city not knowing so many people or being in an old city, but not being there for too long I don't quite get to always make those connections with people that I want to, or reach out given time commitment.

So sometimes the ugly monster called loneliness comes in. And those nights where it's like I wish that there were somebody to connect to in those moments of silence. But then I realize in those moments of those silence, in that gift of having some alone time is a beautiful gift. It's a gift to get back to nature, like this picture behind me. It's a gift to get back to myself.

It's a gift to get back to my spirituality what that might be. So give yourself the gift of being alone but not...

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Hypnotist

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