Salem's Lot right here where in 1692, they had the legendary Witch Trials where they persecuted a bunch of people that they claimed to be witches through misinformation and mis-stories talked about people that were spread like rumors in the town and they were either hung, they were killed or they were pressed, which is crushed to death because see, they used an equation, which was fear plus a trigger equals a scapegoat.

Now I don't know if you've ever been scapegoated in your life or if you've ever scapegoated someone in your life, perhaps a black sheep, perhaps someone who stuck out a little bit that you misappropriate a bunch of evil acts to.

Well, I've been in that place and it's not a cool place to be. So you need to look at yourself, you need to look at your own life. Don't make a scapegoat out of yourself and don't allow anyone else to do that to you.

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