"How To Do Somatic Experiencing!"

HypnoPunk here. Somatic Experiencing, what is it? Oftentimes, clients come to me and they're suffering from some kind of emotional deregulation. It's easy for me to say.

Whether that be too much anger, too much sadness, too much anxiety. And oftentimes, they get fixated on those labels. What I get them to do is something that I certainly didn't invent. Somatic experiencing, client comes to me and they tell me, "Look, I'm really anxious." And I say, "Close your eyes and point to me inside where the anxiety is."

And they point now and I say, "If it had a color, what color would it be? If it had a shape, what shape would it be? If it was moving, where would it be moving? If it had a texture, what would it be?" And I get them to focus on that sensation, that somatic experiencing. Getting away from the label and getting into the feeling.

Getting away from their head and into their body. So it can go through your body and you can let go once and for all.

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