"Enter Samurai!"

See, when I was growing up,


a lot of kids would play Cowboys


or play Indians, wanted those guns,


I always wanted to be a Samurai.

Because I didn't want to be a soldier.


Samurai is somebody that'd roll

up into town in Ancient Asia


and would go there and would

protect the weak people,


would go there and protect the

people that were vulnerable


and would almost be like

a one-man war machine


to protect the underprivileged people.


And the Samurai had great

loyalty, it was all about loyalty.


And if a Samurai's life

was saved by someone,


then the Samurai would spend

their life with that person


until they had the opportunity

to save that persons life.


Where can you be your own Samurai,


your own Samurai in your life?


To have great honor because

they were known for great honor,


to be independent

because they stood alone,


and to be a warrior in your own life.

Where can you be your own Samurai?

Always Believe,


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