"Pandora's Box"

HypnoPunk here with Pandora's box. Where in your life have you had this curiosity about a door that you wanted to open, a file you wanted to read, a diary perhaps that didn't belong to you that you wanted to read?

You had the curiosity yet your gut told you, "Don't do it!" But still, you had this urge that you wanted to read, you wanted to look, you wanted to open up that door. You wanted to open up Pandora's proverbial box.

Yet your gut was screaming, "No, don't do it! Only bad things are there, and answers to questions you didn't really want to ask in the first place." And you summoned up all kinds of ghosts and monsters and fiends that maybe they were there, maybe they weren't there until you went exploring.

This is a cautionary tale. Be very careful about opening up Pandora's box because you never know what's inside.

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