"Why You Don't Feel Better!"

- HypnoPunk here from Lukenosis Hypnosis. Have you ever achieved something great in your life, perhaps you've got to a top of a mountain, got a big promotion at work, attracted your ideal partner, bought that beautiful car, that beautiful house, had a lovely family.

And you're like, "I thought I'd feel different. I thought I'd feel more alive, I thought I'd feel better." You ever gone to a holiday somewhere?

Finally went on vacation, but it feels so good. And you get there and you're like, "Everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves, but I just don't feel that."

It's because you do a thing called dissociation. I used to do it a lot. The thing when you dissociate is you push away bad things. You know, you push away pain. You learn to do this as a protective mechanism at some time, but you also push away all the good feelings of experiencing love, joy, happiness and success.

There's almost nothing worse than having great success in your life and feeling completely unfulfilled because you did all the work. You've got the goal but you don't feel it. So allow yourself to feel because when you feel the bad stuff, you can let it go and feel more of the good stuff.

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