"Hypnotist Or Hypnotherapy"

HypnoPunk here from Lukenosis Hypnosis. What's the difference between a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist? This comes to me because I listened to this idiotic interview from this amateur hypnotist recently. They were on a radio interview, they were asked this question. And he went silent for 10 seconds and they weren't using a lovely hypnotic technique, they just didn't have the answer.
It was a bit embarrassing to the profession, to be honest. Here's the difference. Traditionally, we think of the hypnotherapist as someone who's doing therapy, change work if you will with the individual. Whereas the hypnotist, we are inclined to think of the person who performs on stage. That would be most people, the layperson's, how they differentiate the hypnotist, between the hypnotherapist. But for me, it's essentially one and the same. And I say that because when someone comes to see me, yes they want to have relief from their issue but they also want some of the razzle dazzle that they see on stage. They're forgetting the name, they're sticking their hand to something, involuntary movement. They want to feel the magic, they want the result but they also want to be satisfied they were hypnotized.
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