MINDSET MONDAY #108 Toronto Hypnosis For Addiction

"Head, Heart, Gut!"

HypnoPunk here from Lukenosis Hypnosis Toronto hypnosis for addiction. Today is all about your gut. I often train my clients to listen to their gut, because here's the thing. Your head processes things, and we'll over-intellectualize, whether you should go for this job, or this job, go for this date, or this date, buy this house, or this house.

And here at Toronto hypnosis for addiction we help clients understand that they  over-intellectualize things, and sometimes that's really important to do. Then you can listen to your heart.

Thing with your heart is it's emotional and it can't always be relied upon. Meaning, if you're in an emotional state of happiness, you're going to make a different choice than if you're in an emotional state of anger.

We can't always listen to our heart, it's very important at times to listen to process, but not all the time. It's not always telling you the full story. When you listen to your gut, however, it cuts through all of the emotion of the heart, all of the mumbo-jumbo and intellect that we think is so important in our head, and it cuts right through to the source.

We're already good at this, we're already good at this, start getting better at listening to your gut.

Always Believe,


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