Mindset Monday #17

"Looking After Yourself"

Luke Michael Howard here aka the HypnoPunk, with your Mindset Monday, and today is all about looking after yourself, recuperating and rest.

As somebody who never likes to rest, has a hard time resting, getting away from propelling myself forward, it's a difficult challenge for me to hold back sometimes, and to give myself a break, and I've been sick for about two weeks now with this bug that has been going around, and its taken away all my energy.

And I was very frustrated and annoyed, to begin with, because it was preventing me from working and as I say, moving myself forward. But then I realized it's the universe's way of telling me to just take a moment for myself, to take a few days to rest, to recover, to recuperate because we know when it comes to exercise, it's the days that you rest is actually when your muscles grow.

So it's very important to take rest, to take solace, to look after yourself and recuperate. And it's been a lesson that I've had to become reacquainted with over the last week. Lukenosis.com.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Hypnotist

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