Mindset Monday #22

"Spotting Fakers!"


Hello, it's Luke Michael Howard, aka the HypnoPunk with your Mindset Monday here in New Year's Evil, and today's episode is all about spotting fakers.

There's an awful lot of fakers out there that will present themselves to you in such a way, a shape or a fashion, they may look very pretty from the outside, very colorful, easy on the eyes.

They may seem to be sweetness and light but when you delve deeper and deeper, you find the dark seeping hole that's there, almost like a cancer, that's trying to eat you up and will take all your goodness away.

But they'll look really pretty, they'll look really, really nice to everyone else but when you start to go below the surface, you'll see just how ugly they could be.

So learn to spot these fakers and eliminate them as soon as possible, so you could have a harmonious, successful life and a new year.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Hypnotist

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