Mindset Monday #28


Today is about change. And a lot of times I work with clients, and I say, "The challenge when we come to a end of our work together here today, is not that the change has happened. Because you're gonna feel that the change has happened. You're gonna feel that you don't want those cigarettes. You don't want that sugar anymore.

That you can't anxiety yourself anymore." You're gonna feel that. You're gonna feel that something is gonna change for good. But the challenge is gonna be you believing that you have changed. It's easy to get someone to make that shift, and have a shift in their personality, shift in their behavior.

But them believing that it's changed, and believing that it's stuck, that often becomes the challenge. And where most of the work that I do is, is change happens quick, it's actually convincing them, and allowing them to have a new belief that it's changed that could sometimes take a while to convince themselves.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Hypnotist


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