Mindset Monday #39


I'm fresh off of a new hypnotic training today.

I pose you with a question, and the question is this, who's running your mind now? What's the executive character, archetype, or mindset, or emotional state that's running your mind, your physiology now? Is it a warrior? Is it a king? Is it somebody that's very playful? Someone that's provocative? Is it a good listener? Is it a fighter? Is it someone who's meek?

See, each time, in each situation, we play many different roles in life, from being a father, to being a son, to being a lover, to being a hypnotist, to being who knows what else. But at only one time, one of these states can be running the show. In order for another state or archetype to come in, to be executive, that current state has to be kicked out. So make sure your current states are running the right shows for you, LUKEnosis.com.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Hypnotist

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