Mindset Monday #4


Hello, it's the Hypnopunk here, Luke Michael Howard with another episode of Mindset Monday.

Today here in Toronto, if you could see, it's not the best looking sunniest day in August and it would be easy to stay at home and have a shitty vibe. So today's Mindset Monday is all about increasing your vibe. How do you increase your vibe? But more importantly, what is vibe?

Vibe is that charisma, that charm, that positivity that you interact with yourself and the world with. And so quick ways to increase your vibe is to get up early, to stop being on the TV, to stop posting on social media, to get outside, to smile more, to interact with people, to get some Vitamin D even if it's not such a sunny day, to raise up your vibe, to raise up your experiences and your interaction with people.

So raise your vibration and raise your vibe. I'm Hypnopunk of lukenosis.com.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Hypnotist


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