Mindset Monday #5


Luke Michael Howard AKA the hypnopunk from LUKEnosis Hypnosis here with another Mindset Monday live from Chicago, Illinois.

And today's Mindset Monday is be careful when you meet your heroes because I'm here at a wrestling convention with all the wrestlers that I grew up watching as a youngster, as a teenager, and some are very, very, very nice to connect to and some are not quite equipped with people skills shall we say.

So, always be careful about meeting your heroes because they can either let you down a lot of times and destroy memories from your childhood, and some of them can obviously add to that as well. So, real moral of the story is be your own hero in your story of life.  Yeah, you can use other people that can motivate you. Be very careful about meeting them because it can shatter the fairy tale. But, it's your job to be the hero of your journey, to have your own fairy tale, and for you to be your own person and go forward.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Hypnotist

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