Mindset Monday #51

"Don't Let Your Dreams Die!"

Luke Michael Howard here with your Mindset Monday. Today, I'm sweating like a maniac because I'm here in this cemetery. And whenever I'm in a cemetery, it always upsets me, but not for the reasons that you may imagine. Because when I look around at all these tombstones here, Florence Roddy, and I look over here, John and Janet Agnew [SP], I see missed opportunity. Dreams that died, dreams that disappeared, died, were taken off the table when these people passed away. So I see a place filled with hundreds or probably thousands of people whose dreams were not realized.

How many more sunsets do you have? How many more vacations do you have? How many of those magical moments do you have left? Ten, 20, 40, 50. It's not infinite. How many of these opportunities, how many more Christmases do you have? What are you leaving on the table in this life that you need to grab now? Always believe HypnoPunk.

Luke Michael Howard, clinical hypnotist, and owner of LUKEnosis Hypnosis. I help people solve problems they believe are unsolvable. I help people fix things they believe are unfixable. Now, I've worked for governments and celebrities, but also for people who have fallen through the cracks. The people that have nowhere else to turn and they're at their last resort. My mission is to prove that nobody is beyond help. Now, I have a particular set of skills, skills that make me a nightmare for your problems. I specialize in helping people overcome anxiety, eliminate addiction, release weight, and alleviate pain. If you have a problem that you've been told is unfixable and you've lost all hope, contact me for a screening call. I can fix you.

If you want to have a quick FREE chat with me to see if I can help, reply to this msg with "Help Me!" or you can schedule something here; http://Lukenosis.com/screeningcall/

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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