Mindset Monday #59

"Fall In Love With Yourself!"

Luke Michael Howard, aka the HypnoPunk, Toronto hypnosis  with your MindSet Monday. Today is all about trust. You see, there have been many types of people in my life that have tried to get me in one of these, these kayaks that you've got here. And I was terrified because I'm not a particularly good swimmer, hence the life preserver, right here. People have talked to me and I realized that I'd resist going into the water.

I'd resist coming into one of these things because I didn't trust that they would be there for me. I didn't trust that they would catch me when I fell. So for years and years, I avoided things like this. Even a couple of weeks ago, someone tried to get me in one of these. Until I found the right people, the right trainings. We had to get in this, we had to trust myself.

We had to trust the people I was with that I could be in a kayak. I keep wanting to call it canoe. And even if it capsized, I wouldn't die. I'd be okay. So learn to trust you. Learn to trust the process. Learn to trust the people you're with and if your around people you don't trust, let them go. Let them go and be around people you feel you can be comfortable being in the water with. Always believe. HypnoPunk, Toronto Hypnosis Lukenosis.com.

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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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