Mindset Monday #7


Luke Michael Howard, Clinical Hypnotist here with your "Mindset Monday."

And what you see in front of you is the table of change. Now to some people it may seem like a high school science project going wrong.

But what this actually is, is all the tools I implement to demonstrate change, a neurological process in my clients' minds so they have a real level of understanding, not just unconsciously with hypnosis, but also consciously as well so they can understand what's going on in a neurological level with their mind.

You'll see many different tools here. Some that may look a little childish, like characters from Disney. Some have been inspired by the movie, "The Matrix," in red pills and blue pills.

You see expandables, you see e-meters, all these things are implemented in my sessions to help people get change. What gimmicks, what tools, what toys do you have to have change in your life? Lukenosis.com.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Hypnotist

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