Mindset Monday #76

We're All Addicts!

Luke Michael Howard here, a.k.a. The HypnoPunk.

How many times have you walked down one of these? An alleyway, and you've seen people shooting up heroin, snorting cocaine, drinking their last little bit of Jack Daniels.

You've looked down on them, you've looked down on them haven't you? Called them things like junkie.

Well, you're a junkie. Yeah I said it, you're a junkie. I'm a junkie, everyone around you and me around this world is a junkie.

Yeah, maybe it may not be to alcohol, maybe it may not be to an illegal drug, but you're a junkie to your emotions, you're a junkie to that relationship that's going nowhere, you're a junkie to that food that you eat that's not nurturing, you're a junkie to those negative thoughts that you keep ruminating in your mind.

You are a junkie and so am I. Learn where you are a junkie in your life, accept it, and then do something about it to change.

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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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