Mindset Monday #78

Body Positive!

HypnoPunk here and today

I am in Miami beach


and this episode is going

to be about body positive.


See, I've been eating a lot

of junk for the last 24 hours.


Its been my cheat day

and I've been carving up.


I used to have this

issue for many many years


about my body and not being

able to be on the beach,


let alone be able to be on

the beach in a tank-top.


Let alone be on the beach


and be able to take my top off,


it was this thing that even

when I was pretty lean,


I was really uptight about it


because I thought I was fat and I had this


fucked up body image about myself.


So me making this video

now, as I do my strip-tease,


and take off my vest, is

really my way of embracing


having a positive body

image about, not just me,


about yourself. Embracing

where you are now.


There's always more work

we can do to make ourselves


feel better, to think better,


to look better, and to be better.


Always Believe,

Lukenosis Hypnosis.


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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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