Mindset Monday #79

Act As If!

HypnoPunk here and today we're going to be talking about the "as if" frame.

I remember when I was younger, I had a mentor in my life that said "If you want to be rich, you want to be successful, you need to rub shoulders with rich and successful people."

You might not have a lot of money but at least once every six months, once a year, find the most expensive hotel that you could find in a city that you're living in, like the castle here, and invest in the highest grossing room, the most expensive room as you can because it starts to wire neurology.

So you're inviting to yourself that one day you'll be rich, one day you'll be successful. Now I'm not talking about going into debt or living beyond your means.

I'm talking about training yourself to say, "I deserve this." Whenever I come and I stay in the Ottawa, the capital of Ontario, the capital of Canada, I always stay at the castle behind me because it reminds me of Castle Grayskull, it reminds me of He-Man, it reminds me of people that are rubbing shoulders, that are successful. Successful people stay here. I want to continue to be successful, so I am.

Always Believe,


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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
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