Mindset Monday #8


Hello. Luke Michael Howard AKA the Hypnopunk from LUKEnosis Hypnosis here with your Mindset Monday.

Today where I live in Toronto there has been a natural disaster. There's been a tornado, and it's literally switched off all the electricity in my building that you can see behind.

There is no light, there's no electricity, there's no TV, there's no radio, and it can be quite a drama. It can be quite an inconvenience, but sometimes what if, what if that was the universe's way of saying unplug.

Unplug from charging your phone, unplug from going on the internet, unplug from even enjoying the pleasure of light. Unplug. What if that was the universe's way of saying I needed to unplug?

What do you need to unplug from to give yourself...to get back to yourself, to get back to nature? What do you need to take out of your arm the IV?

What do you need to switch off so you can be more present in this moment?

I've been Luke Michael Howard, the hypnopunk. This has been Mindset Monday. lukenosis.com.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Hypnotist

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