What's paradise to you? Is it a beautiful ocean, is it half-naked women? Is it beautiful sand, so clear, so white.

Is it beautiful weather? Is it no clouds? What is paradise for you in your imagination? When you were little, when you were growing up, what did you think paradise was and what was it for you?

And how many steps have you taken as I take a step here, and as you start to see my footprints behind me.

How many steps does it take for you to get to paradise? Paradise in your life, and have you taken those steps?

Have you take those steps daily to get closer and closer to your paradise?

Whatever it may be. Maybe it'll be like the Antarctica for you, maybe it'll be the sun,

I don't know.

But what steps are you taking to get closer to your paradise.

Always Believe,


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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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