Emotion Baggage!

HypnoPunk, often I'm asked, what happens in a session with me?

Well, I pull out the emotional baggage. It's my emotional baggage, it's actually yours.

You come into my office, and you leave stuff behind. Emotions that you no longer need. Like anger, we put it into the bag.

Like sadness, we put it into the bag. Like hurts, we put it into the bag. Like anxiety, we put it into the bag.

Like guilt, and we put it into a bag. And all manner of other negative emotions, and we put it in the bag. And once you put it in the bag, we drop that bag behind us in the office.

We leave it behind. We leave it in the past so you no longer have to hold on to that. You just simply let it go.

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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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