The Sunset

HypnoPunk here with Lukenosis Hypnosis and today it's all about this, the beautiful sunset.

Now in Hawaii, in the ancient spirituality of Huna they believe that every night, when the sun sets if you put all your worries, all your fears, all your concerns, all your limiting beliefs and you put them underneath the sun, that when the sun is going down, when the sun is setting, all those negative emotions, limiting beliefs, old behaviors are getting locked into the background being separated from you, are being disintegrated by the light, by the power of the beautiful sun.

So tonight, today, wherever you're watching this, what could you put underneath the sun as it sets? What negative emotions, what limiting belief, what bad behavior could you put underneath that sun, so it disintegrates, it disappears once and for all? Always believe. Good?

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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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