The Bermuda Triangle Technique!

HypnoPunk here. On one point of the Bermuda Triangle which joins Miami, it joins into Puerto Rico, it joins into the Bahamas. See, when I grew up, I remember watching a TV special, David Copperfield, where he disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle and over the last 100 years, there's been countless airplane, aircraft, boats, ships that have disappeared in this stretch of land never to be found again.

Hundreds of people have disappeared, beautiful things have disappeared, things we want to find. But what if we utilized the Bermuda Triangle to put things we didn't want anymore?

What if you just reached through your TV set, through your video set, through the YouTube right now, you grabbed my hand, and you gave me your fear so I could put your fear into the Bermuda Triangle and it disappeared?

What if you gave me your sadness, you reached for my hand and I got your sadness and I threw it into the Bermuda Triangle and it disappeared?

What if I took your guilt, your shame, your negative beliefs and I took them and I threw them away and they disappeared never to return in the Bermuda Triangle?

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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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