"Taking Out The Trash!"

HypnoPunk here, today I want to talk about fakers, I want to talk about artificial things, I want to talk about garbage. Oftentimes in life, we're presented with things that are nice and shiny, that look really really nice when we initially get them.

They're kind of cool, they're kind of shiny but after a while, realize it's just plastic, it's just cheap, you could just break it. It means nothing, it's just really a cheap imitation. We've got enough of these and enough people out there trying to be something that they're not.

So you have to get that cheap imitation, that artifact, that piece of shit, and throw it in the garbage, because it's not needed anymore. And once that's thrown away, it gives us more space and more time to actually go for real gold in our life, real championships in our life. Those things that are actually worth something, that are sturdy so you hear that, that are heavy, that have some weight to them, that actually mean something, that has history behind them.

So always go for the gold, always go for the realness, always go for the solidness, and throw the rest of that garbage away, because you don't need it once and for all.

Always believe,


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