"Pure Imagination"

- ♪ In your mind, you might find ♪ ♪ a world of pure imagination. ♪ Are you tuning up your imagination?

Let's come to places like this.

No, it's not Disney World. No, it's not the cotton candy factory, here. This is about tuning up imagination. It's about tuning up your imagination, getting in touch with that child-like imagination that you have inside. That as you got older you started to push further and further in the box because you didn't feel that you're allowed to express it.

It's good to express it. It's good to have kid time with yourself, to have play time with yourself, to allow your imagination to come out in all of its richness and its colorful tapestry, to explore daydreaming, to explore automatic imagination models in your mind, so you can grow and be more.

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