"Take Apart To Build Stronger"

- HypnoPunk here, and today people often ask, what happens in a breakthrough experience?

Well, it's a bit like this, people come in and I systematically start to take them apart for the first half of the breakthrough experience with me.

And then, what I proceed to do for the second part is piece those people back together, in a stronger more versatile way, so they can be quite different. So their belief systems are quite different than when they initially came in to see me, so they think stronger, them limiting decisions have been taken down, and they're lighting up in quite a different way, quite a different way, indeed.

Much like these tetris blocks here, in a way that gives them more freedom, So when they leave my office, they're a lot more sturdy, a lot more well lit up, than when they initially came in. For more information, contact me at Lukenosis.com.

Always Believe,


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