"How To Beat Up Your Emotions!"

- HypnoPunk here and you see these negative emotions of anger, guilt, sadness and shame. What happens when you come and work with me? It's not softly, softly,

"How did your weekend go?"

We systematically start to take these emotions out, one by one. We take out anger, we take out sadness. We take out guilt and then we take out the hurt. And then sometimes anger remains there, but sadness is persistent. It stays there and we have to go from one knee to the other.

Maybe that doesn't work, so we have to start to hit it and then maybe we stop to start the kicking until finally, the sadness is gone and you're clean and all that negativity is gone. Sometimes it feels like a fire. Sometimes you need to fight to get control of your life back but then you're clear and you're clean.

Always Believe,


Clinical Hypnotist

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Toronto and Ottawa

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