My Weight Loss Journey


So I battled with weight for about the 25 years of my life.

I knew how to train and how to eat because I was a trainer for much of my life. .

I trained many people how much pretty good at my job.

Even though I was a fat bastard. .

I’d annually gain 50 pounds and lose 50 pounds. .

This continued year after year. 

Then you see I became dreadfully bored with this problem.

It was just so boring for me to continue to have the same problem year after year and not have it resolved. 

You see I had told myself that it’s in copious amounts of sugar and carbs and generally too many calories made me happy.

And it wasn’t until about seven years ago that I really tested that belief out. 

I’d gone a few days without eating carbohydrates.

So when it was time to re-feed I had my first sip of the Frappuccino. filled with sugar, caffeine, milk. Everything a growing boy needs 🤣 .

First sip was amazing. Second set almost as good. But by the third ship there’s just nothingness. Emptiness!

It was in a realized my belief was faulty and I’d been lying to myself for 25 some odd years. 

I promised myself in that moment. The the next time I nudge to over indulge in carbs.

I’d sit down or stand up and face whatever the thing was that I needed to face.

Whatever the thing was that I’ve been running for 25 years to avoid.

The thing that I’ve been numbing myself to with food for all this time. .

So one day I am walking around City Hall in Toronto. And I had the stroke urge to all of a sudden run home and eat carbohydrates and switch myself off from the world 🌎 .

Now nothing consciously had happened. What I mean by that is nothing bad happened.

It just kind of came out of nowhere.

And as I started with my automatic response to start home so I could eat a bunch carbs and overindulge. .

I stopped and I remind myself of my new commitment to face whatever it was that needs to be faced.

So all I can say is this darkness this force essentially came over my head and damn near bought me to my knees.

The same darkness that I’ve been over indulging numbing myself too, running away from for some 25 years prior. 

So I member standing there at City Hall and just wanted to run. To run away and hide. Some numb myself to this darkness. Now I don’t know what this darkness was I didn’t label the emotion, nor did I have an event to trace it back to. But it was very real and it was essentially in my face and over my head. .

So I resolved to just stand there. Stand in it. To feel it. To feel ALL of it. 

It was horrible, lonely, dark. And I said to myself I wasn’t going to use any of my Hypnosis or coaching skills to overcome it.

I was going to feel at all then let it go! 

See I knew one thing for sure that no matter how big battle scary it was some point I had to go.

Maybe I lost lost a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year.

But at some point it would have to go and be replaced with something else. 

So I timed it. 75 minutes to the T!

Then it just evaporated, eviscerated, deleted, disappeared! .

And you know why it never came back. It’s be 7 years. And it never will. Of this I am certain.

See this thing this darkness whatever you wanna call it just wanted me to acknowledge it to fell to be with it sit with it. So be with it. To not run, medicate, or hide. Just be in it to feel totally!

What do you need to Face? Sit with? Stand it? Feel? What have you be numbing yourself from?

If your ready to face it I can help you help yourself be free! 

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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